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ProofPoint | CSUSB’s Email Protection System

The ITS Team will be upgrading CSUSB’s email protection and spam management system.

We will be migrating from the current Barracuda system to a new cloud based email management solution provided by ProofPoint.

The ProofPoint solution will feature the following functionalities:

·         Provide additional end-user control to manage their spam settings (whitelist/blacklist).

·         Enhance spam detection.

·         Blocking of malware in emails before they hit your inbox.

·         Prevent sophisticated email “phishing” attacks.

The ITS Team is in the process of configuring and testing the new solution and the system is expected to be placed in production by March 31, 2016. Please note that the transition to the new email management solution will not interrupt or affect the delivery of incoming and outgoing email for campus users.

Training and support on the use of the new ProofPoint email management solution will be provided by the Technology Support Center. Additional information and training dates will be available in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more about ProofPoint Office 365 protection please visit: https://www.proofpoint.com/sites/default/files/proofpoint_o365_hd_web.mp4

Identity Finder

Identity Finder – Scanner for PII – Personal Identifiable Information

Links to CSUEU and CFA Points of agreement

Cybercrime, specifically, data breaches, are on the rise exposing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which can be used to facilitate identity theft. PII is classified by the CSU and CSUSB as Level 1 data that is linked to an individual person’s identity, such as Social Security Numbers, driver license data, and credit card or bank account information. Many of us may unknowingly be placing the university at risk by having sensitive data on our workstations; locating sensitive data, hidden in documents long forgotten, is not easy.

The California State University, in agreement with affected bargaining units, recognized the importance of protecting PII under our care and, as part of the system wide efforts to minimize the risk for the inadvertent disclosure of PII, the CSU is providing Identity Finder Data Loss Prevention software to help locate sensitive data that may be buried in campus computers.

As part of the CSU implementation, each campus will provide a period of 30-days to all employees to install Identity Finder and to scan their workstations and files to identify, secure or dispose as necessary of any personal identifiable information stored in their computers.

Identity Finder is simple to download and install. Instructions, additional awareness documentation and the CSU agreements can be found in the PersonalInformationFinder topic of the campus Wiki site at https://wiki.csusb.edu/bin/view/Standards/InfoSec/PersonalInformationFinder .

For the next 30 days, the campus community is encouraged to download and install Identity Finder and search and clean-up unsecured PII in their workstations. After the initial 30 days, periodic scan using Identity Finder will be conducted by the Information Security and Emerging Technologies Department on campus workstations per the CSU agreements.

If you should need assistance for installing the software on your computer, please contact your designated IT staff or the Technology Support Center (TSC) at x77677.

If you encounter any issues with Identity Finder, need assistance to secure or dispose of sensitive information or have questions regarding campus information security policies and standards, please contact the Information Security and Emerging Technologies Department at x77262.

Screenshot of Indentity Finder search progress