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Tech Talks | ITS Department Spotlight: Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center

Featuring Leon McNaught and Christine Fundell of the Assistive Technology & Accessibility Center

Question: What is the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center?

Answer: The Assistive Technology & Accessibility Center (ATAC) is a specialized computer lab that provides access to assistive technologies (AT) for students, faculty, and staff.  ATAC lab is located in the Pfau Library Wedge PL-1109.D in the Southside of the main computer lab.  We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm and on Friday until 5:00 p.m.

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Question: Is ATAC only for students with disabilities?

Answer: AT is traditionally used by individuals with disabilities to facilitate alternate means of access to information. However, many students without disabilities use ATAC because they find that AT increases productivity in reading and writing. ATAC lab is open to all students, faculty, and staff including CSUSB Alumni.

Question: What services are provided by ATAC for students, faculty, and staff?

Answer: There are many useful services for the CSUSB community to take advantage of. Some services include video captioning, content remediation, braille production, free audio books/periodicals, and home use technology software applications for faculty and staff. ATAC can also provide guidance to software developers by testing your mobile app or other applications and provide a report on overall accessibility of your design including elements that may require remediation.

ATAC can loan iPads and SmartPens to students and other equipment can be rented one academic quarter at a time.

 Question: Which assistive technologies are available to students?

Answer: ATAC supports many software programs that help accessibility. Below is a chart outlining our assistive software and how they can be used.

Software Category Audience
JAWS (Job Access With Speech) Screen reader. Reads all information presented on-screen aloud. Manipulation exclusively via keyboard input.
  • Blind or low vision individuals.
  • Content creators who wish to check the accessibility of their materials.
ZoomText On-screen Magnification. Enlarges information on-screen and provides custom visual enhancements.
  • Low vision individuals.
WYNN (What You Need Now) Literacy. Allows high speed scanning of books (via PEARL scanning camera) and creation of audio MP3 files. Create digital study guides.
  • Anyone, and especially individuals who may require more exposure and repetition to understand written materials.
OpenBook Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Acquire printed material and create digital text to audio.
  • Blind or low vision individuals.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition. Converts natural language speech into text. Also allows control and manipulation of a computer and programs via voice.
  • Anyone, and especially individuals who have poor typing or spelling abilities.
Talking Typing Teacher Typing tutor. Trains the user to touch-type using all fingers on the keyboard without looking at the keys.
  • Anyone, and especially someone who wishes to learn how to touch type or improve speed or accuracy.


Question: Does ATAC provide mobile cart accommodation?

Answer: If you require assistive technology at a specific location on campus (such as a classroom lab) ATAC can provide a fully mobile assistive technology workstation on a temporary basis up to an academic quarter at a time.

Question: How do I contact ATAC?

Answer: You can walk in the ATAC office in PL-1109D or dial extension x75079 from an on-campus phone or 909-537-5079 if you’re off campus. ATAC can also be reached anytime at atac@csusb.edu.


ProofPoint | CSUSB’s Email Protection System

The ITS Team will be upgrading CSUSB’s email protection and spam management system.

We will be migrating from the current Barracuda system to a new cloud based email management solution provided by ProofPoint.

The ProofPoint solution will feature the following functionalities:

·         Provide additional end-user control to manage their spam settings (whitelist/blacklist).

·         Enhance spam detection.

·         Blocking of malware in emails before they hit your inbox.

·         Prevent sophisticated email “phishing” attacks.

The ITS Team is in the process of configuring and testing the new solution and the system is expected to be placed in production by March 31, 2016. Please note that the transition to the new email management solution will not interrupt or affect the delivery of incoming and outgoing email for campus users.

Training and support on the use of the new ProofPoint email management solution will be provided by the Technology Support Center. Additional information and training dates will be available in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more about ProofPoint Office 365 protection please visit: https://www.proofpoint.com/sites/default/files/proofpoint_o365_hd_web.mp4

ITS Strategic Planning Process


As a part of the ITS Strategic Planning process, ITS Leaders had a strategic planning session facilitated by Amir Dabirian, VP of ITS from Cal State Fullerton. Following this, ITS sent out a faculty survey and held a faculty forum to collect feedback from faculty regarding their thoughts and ideas about ITS services and support. The ITS Staff were led in a strategic planning session by Joanna Oxendine of Institutional Research. Plans are in motion to send out Student and Staff surveys as well as conduct focus groups for students. The ITS Team hopes to complete the strategic planning process by March 2016. We appreciate the feedback we have received from the Campus community thus far.


ITS Project Updates: August 2015

Collaborative workstation: The Information Technology Services Division has opened a new technology-friendly collaborative workstation in the PFAU library wedge.  Located directly across from the Technology Support Center, this workstation is available for campus use. The workstation is ideal for collaborating on group projects, meetings, planning events, and more. Please take a moment to stop by and check out this newly implemented space.

Coming Soon: Incubator classroom: The Academic Technologies and Innovation department is currently working on creating an incubator classroom at CSUSB. This classroom of the future is already fully furnished and in the process of implementing the latest and most efficient classroom technologies. This classroom will help faculty learn and adapt to the coming advancements in technology and the effects it may have on teaching. For more information on the incubator classroom, please contact Michael Chen at mchensa@csusb.edu or x77075.