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Employee Spotlight: Hector Gamon

DSC084402Hector Gamon is an Equipment System Specialist in the ITS Technical Support department and is one of the administrators of One Card and Go Print providing technical services all over the campus. Hector assists students, faculty, and staff by answering questions, walk-throughs for downloading, makes sure One Cards are functioning properly and checks the functionality of the printers on campus. He believes in providing “fast, friendly, and efficient service to everyone” to strive for the best customer service.

Hector and the Technical Support team provide immediate service the minute they are reached for assistance. One of their most important aspects is the One Stop Shop, which offers a place for everyone to get direct help or ask any pending questions in mind. In the two and a half years he has been working for CSUSB, the most rewarding aspect of his position is the customer service he delivers to students, faculty and staff when they come to the office for assistance. Hector enjoys working with wonderful people who support him and who encourage him to continue with his studies.

Hector is handier than you think; he’s a multidimensional character with so much to offer as a CSUSB worker. He is a One Card and Go Print administrator helping students with their IDs, especially during the SOAR experience. As a Go Print administrator, he works all over campus providing paper, toners, or fixing the components of a printer.

On a personal aspect, he is a humorist, a kid at heart, and a supporting father. Hector loves basketball, baseball, soccer and MMA. His favorite teams are the Clippers and the Angels. He also enjoys watching from the sidelines as his son now participates in the sports he used to play as a child. While growing up he played video games; his top runner games were Legend of Zelda. He enjoys watching a variety of movies, although, two of his top favorite movies are Ace Ventura and The Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, giving us a glimpse of the kid Hector still is.

He considers eating as one of his favorite hobbies and having to choose one specific food is a challenge in itself. Although, he does have a preference for pizza and crab legs. He isn’t much of a traveling person but hopes to one-day visit the Big Apple, Atlanta and Disney World. Even though he isn’t much of a traveler, he is true to his roots by returning to his native country and city, Guadalajara, Mexico. Most of his family resides in Guadalajara receiving him with open arms and love.

Hector will hopefully be joining our ranks this coming year after transferring from Mt. San Jacinto College, making CSUSB the new home for his studies. “I am very proud to say I work at CSUSB,” Hector said. “CSUSB has felt like Home from the first day that I started working here.”



Employee Spotlight: Doris Selva


Doris Selva is a Trainer/Documentation Specialist (AAS) in the ITS Administrative Computing & Business Intelligence Department. The ACBI department develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms.

As a Trainer/Documentation specialist, Doris serves the campus community – departments, divisions, staff, faculty and students by providing exclusive on-campus database access granting training, along with general software training.

She is most proud of establishing an Online Registration system, establishing PeopleSoft Online training courses; and currently is launching the release of training via Skillsoft to the entire campus.

On a personal level, Doris loves Thai food, and although she has a variety of favorite shows she likes, currently her favorite TV show is Madam Secretary. Her favorite places to travel are Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and the East Coast. On her bucket list for future travels is, Greenland or Thailand.

Doris also spends much of her time helping others in the community. She has been a volunteer for 18 years and currently is involved in the Teen Challenge Ladies Guild. She has served as 3rd VP of the Guild, primarily coordinating Christmas donations for the 150 residents, and for the past year, serving as Prayer Moms Coordinator.

Doris has worked at CSUSB since 1989 and is a first generation college graduate. She received her BA in Communication Studies – Human Comm and her MA in Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication- both from CSUSB.

To Doris, CSUSB not only holds great meaning to her, but to her family as well. She says, “As a single parent, CSUSB has provided a place for myself and my family to reap benefits that I may not have received otherwise. The opportunity to advance my education and reach my goals means so much to me and my family.”

Employee Spotlight: Joeleen Monclova

14-09-22-CSUSB--Joeleen Monclova, Admin Support Coordinator, ITS - Creative Media Services (CMS) at California State University, San Bernardino on Monday, Sep 22, 2014. Photo by Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSBJoeleen Monclova is an Information Technology Consultant in the Academic Technologies and Innovation department of ITS, and is currently assisting in the Distance Learning Classroom upgrade for the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus (PDC). Joeleen is fairly new to this position as an Information Technology Consultant and feels updating the three Distance Learning Classrooms will be an invaluable experience. She says, “This project gives me the opportunity to see what it takes to create a Distance Learning Classroom from the planning stages to completion while familiarizing myself with the new technology. Once completed, students and professors will have the opportunity to experience this innovative technology first-hand.”

Joeleen has worked at CSUSB for eight years. She received her Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design from CSUSB. She is very proud to work in the ITS department and believes, “Our purpose here is to provide excellent world-class customer service through the use of technology to the campus community. Our area allows us to offer the same great first-class customer support to students, faculty, and staff at the Palm Desert campus, as on the CSUSB main campus. With our distance learning classrooms, we can give students the opportunity to attend classes and learn from the best professors from both campuses without the commute.”

On a personal level, Joeleen’s favorite travel destination is Barcelona, Spain. She especially loves the food and the beautiful historic architecture. The next stop on her bucket list is Greece. Joeleen also enjoys Mediterranean food, and her current favorite TV shows are; Scandal and Once Upon A Time. She is also a vintage collector, jive dancer, and just loves anything from the 1940s-1960’s; including vintage jewelry and purses, record hops, and rockabilly weekenders to name a few.

To Joeleen, CSUSB holds great meaning in her life. She says, “Not only does it mean I can give back to my Alma Mater, by providing support to the campus community every day, but I can pay it forward to help pave the way for future graduates of CSUSB.”

Employee Spotlight: October 2015

Joe EstesJoe Estes is an Analyst/Programmer in the Administrative Computing & Business Intelligence (ACBI) department of ITS. The ACBI department develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms. ACBI provides support for all CSUSB Administrative Systems.

Joe received his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Biola University in La Mirada, California. He has been working at CSUSB for 6 years now and he likes the direction ITS is moving with the various systems upgrades. ITS’s core focus is centered on the student’s success providing whatever support is needed.

Joe is currently working on the implementation of the Concur Travel System which went live to the entire campus September 2015 . Previously, Joe helped with developing the EtranscriptCa/DARS/PeopleSoft interface, which transfers electronic transcripts from the California Community Colleges and loads them into the DARS and PeopleSoft systems. In addition, Joe supports the Student Finance module and Financial System.

Personally, Joe spends all his spare time entertaining his three granddaughters and in December, he will be welcoming another granddaughter as well as a grandson to the family. That will keep him busy for a while but in a year or two, Joe and his wife are looking forward to taking a Hawaiian cruise. If Joe could only choose one food, BBQ tops the list for him. In addition, he enjoys watching Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner or any of the Clint Eastwood westerns.

To Joe, CSUSB is a great place to work and he stated that his fellow ITS coworkers are the best. From the time a student applies to CSUSB to the day they graduate, ITS plays a major role and Joe enjoys being a part of it.

Employee Spotlight: August 2015

Dee Bowen Employee Spotlight Picture

Denise “Dee” Bowen is an Information Technology Consultant in the Information Technology Support Center. The Information Technology Support Center provides the University with an effective primary point of contact for timely and consistent responses to computing and information technology, along with its related inquiries and problems.

Dee is currently attending Capella University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, specialized in Health Information Technology. Dee has been working at CSUSB for 13 years now and holds a Microsoft Certified Professional certification.

Recently, the IT division reorganized and merged the Data Center Helpdesk and OneCard into the Technology Support Center. Dee explained that the merge moved very fast and swift and that she is very thankful to be a part of such an awesome team. She is excited to see what the future of ITS will provide as they continue to explore new technology and share it with the campus community. Dee is so proud to be a part of the ITS Division where she is able to assist staff, faculty, and students with the access or troubleshooting of the following: MyCoyote Account Access, troubleshooting technology problems, wireless internet access, network login, Blackboard, Email, OneCard, and campus software.

Personally, Dee holds Fairbanks, Alaska close to her heart where she lived for several years. She does not have a favorite food but is open to trying different types. Moreover, Dee is a fan of movies starring Denzel Washington and enjoys watching Family Feud.

Dee comes in to work every day looking forward to working with the campus and resolving problems immediately. To Dee, CSUSB gives her the opportunity to work with others on campus and serve the campus community with the highest level of customer service. It means a lot to her to be able to come in daily and make sure that her students and coworkers are all doing okay. Dee is one to go out of her way for the sake of others and we are grateful to have such a kind-hearted and dedicated employee on our campus.