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Employee Spotlight: Doris Selva


Doris Selva is a Trainer/Documentation Specialist (AAS) in the ITS Administrative Computing & Business Intelligence Department. The ACBI department develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms.

As a Trainer/Documentation specialist, Doris serves the campus community – departments, divisions, staff, faculty and students by providing exclusive on-campus database access granting training, along with general software training.

She is most proud of establishing an Online Registration system, establishing PeopleSoft Online training courses; and currently is launching the release of training via Skillsoft to the entire campus.

On a personal level, Doris loves Thai food, and although she has a variety of favorite shows she likes, currently her favorite TV show is Madam Secretary. Her favorite places to travel are Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and the East Coast. On her bucket list for future travels is, Greenland or Thailand.

Doris also spends much of her time helping others in the community. She has been a volunteer for 18 years and currently is involved in the Teen Challenge Ladies Guild. She has served as 3rd VP of the Guild, primarily coordinating Christmas donations for the 150 residents, and for the past year, serving as Prayer Moms Coordinator.

Doris has worked at CSUSB since 1989 and is a first generation college graduate. She received her BA in Communication Studies – Human Comm and her MA in Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication- both from CSUSB.

To Doris, CSUSB not only holds great meaning to her, but to her family as well. She says, “As a single parent, CSUSB has provided a place for myself and my family to reap benefits that I may not have received otherwise. The opportunity to advance my education and reach my goals means so much to me and my family.”

IT Governance Digest: December 2015

IT Leadership

ITS Strategic Planning: VP Sudhakar shared that the ITS team is currently undergoing a strategic planning process and asked the committee for feedback. He also announced that a Faculty Forum would be taking place after the Faculty Senate meeting on November 24th. The committee also discussed different ways they could provide feedback and different roles that can be taken in regards to the process. An update on the process will be provided at the next IT Governance Executive Committee meeting.

ITS Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Draft: Michelle Behne from the office of Information Security and Emerging Technologies presented draft documents regarding campus notifications for planned and unplanned incidents. The team is trying to improve efficiency by expanding the number and types of tools that can be used to communicate across campus when incidents occur.

Faculty Forum/Survey: As a part of the ITS Strategic Planning process, a Faculty Forum is scheduled to take place on November 24th immediately following the Faculty Senate meeting. Additionally, VP Sudhakar shared with the committee that a faculty survey has been sent out to collect feedback that will aid in the development of the ITS Strategic Plan.

Employee Spotlight: Joeleen Monclova

14-09-22-CSUSB--Joeleen Monclova, Admin Support Coordinator, ITS - Creative Media Services (CMS) at California State University, San Bernardino on Monday, Sep 22, 2014. Photo by Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSBJoeleen Monclova is an Information Technology Consultant in the Academic Technologies and Innovation department of ITS, and is currently assisting in the Distance Learning Classroom upgrade for the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus (PDC). Joeleen is fairly new to this position as an Information Technology Consultant and feels updating the three Distance Learning Classrooms will be an invaluable experience. She says, “This project gives me the opportunity to see what it takes to create a Distance Learning Classroom from the planning stages to completion while familiarizing myself with the new technology. Once completed, students and professors will have the opportunity to experience this innovative technology first-hand.”

Joeleen has worked at CSUSB for eight years. She received her Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design from CSUSB. She is very proud to work in the ITS department and believes, “Our purpose here is to provide excellent world-class customer service through the use of technology to the campus community. Our area allows us to offer the same great first-class customer support to students, faculty, and staff at the Palm Desert campus, as on the CSUSB main campus. With our distance learning classrooms, we can give students the opportunity to attend classes and learn from the best professors from both campuses without the commute.”

On a personal level, Joeleen’s favorite travel destination is Barcelona, Spain. She especially loves the food and the beautiful historic architecture. The next stop on her bucket list is Greece. Joeleen also enjoys Mediterranean food, and her current favorite TV shows are; Scandal and Once Upon A Time. She is also a vintage collector, jive dancer, and just loves anything from the 1940s-1960’s; including vintage jewelry and purses, record hops, and rockabilly weekenders to name a few.

To Joeleen, CSUSB holds great meaning in her life. She says, “Not only does it mean I can give back to my Alma Mater, by providing support to the campus community every day, but I can pay it forward to help pave the way for future graduates of CSUSB.”

IT Governance Digest: November 2015

IT Leadership

Identity Finder: The group discussed the Identity Finder software and the specifics for the deployment across campus. The team has worked with the Chancellor’s Office and the Union to make sure that communication to the campus will be clear.

Administrative Access to Desktops: ITS along with the college deans are working collaboratively to mitigate the Chancellor’s Office Audit finding regarding administrative access to desktops. The recommendation from the audit was to move away from blanket access and instead restrict this access to those who actually need it. ITS is currently working with the college technicians regarding this issue.

Campus Online Directory: ITS brought forth a proposal to streamline the process of on boarding and change the campus phone book from a “phone record” to a “people record” (aka an enterprise directory), making it an official campus directory. Feedback was requested from the group in order to be ready in a month to go live with the new campus website.

Campus-Wide Ticketing System: ITS presented a rough draft of a pilot centralized service fulfillment system within ITS departments that would then work with other divisions and colleges to standardize on one system over the course of 2-3 years. A subcommittee will be formed to streamline and address the issues.

ITS Tech Week 2015 Recap

As part of CSUSB’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, the Information Technology Services division hosted the inaugural ITS Tech Week from October 13 through October 16. The week’s events and activities included; IT systems and support services demos, open houses, training road shows, a free software download party and more. Big2015DownloadPartyInfographic

To kick off Tech Week on Tuesday, ITS team members presented 15-minute demos from about the several systems that IT Services supports, such as the MyCoyote Schedule Planner and Identity Finder.

On Wednesday, students were taken on a Technology Open House tour through the different parts of IT Services and saw first-hand some of the exciting new technologies brought to campus, like the Student Collaboration Center in the Pfau Library (Wedge 1st Floor). Students also interacted with a personal telepresence robot in the newly renovated faculty commons, which includes a hands-on training lab, a consultation/discussion space, two small group project rooms, and a light boar lecture recording facility.

The Microsoft Office 365 Download Party was a huge success on Thursday! Students joined in for free pizza and free Office software downloads for their laptops, tablets, and phones. In case you missed the event, students, faculty and staff can still download Office 365 anytime, anywhere. Visit the ITS Software page here to install Office 365 on your devices.

Wrapping up Tech Week on Friday, ITS Team members brought one-hour Office 365 training sessions all over campus. The training sessions included topics on Outlook, Calendar, People, OneDrive, and more Microsoft Office tools.


Employee Spotlight: October 2015

Joe EstesJoe Estes is an Analyst/Programmer in the Administrative Computing & Business Intelligence (ACBI) department of ITS. The ACBI department develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms. ACBI provides support for all CSUSB Administrative Systems.

Joe received his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Biola University in La Mirada, California. He has been working at CSUSB for 6 years now and he likes the direction ITS is moving with the various systems upgrades. ITS’s core focus is centered on the student’s success providing whatever support is needed.

Joe is currently working on the implementation of the Concur Travel System which went live to the entire campus September 2015 . Previously, Joe helped with developing the EtranscriptCa/DARS/PeopleSoft interface, which transfers electronic transcripts from the California Community Colleges and loads them into the DARS and PeopleSoft systems. In addition, Joe supports the Student Finance module and Financial System.

Personally, Joe spends all his spare time entertaining his three granddaughters and in December, he will be welcoming another granddaughter as well as a grandson to the family. That will keep him busy for a while but in a year or two, Joe and his wife are looking forward to taking a Hawaiian cruise. If Joe could only choose one food, BBQ tops the list for him. In addition, he enjoys watching Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner or any of the Clint Eastwood westerns.

To Joe, CSUSB is a great place to work and he stated that his fellow ITS coworkers are the best. From the time a student applies to CSUSB to the day they graduate, ITS plays a major role and Joe enjoys being a part of it.