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Employee Spotlight: Chad Cordero

Chad CorderoChad Cordero is an IT Consultant in the department of Enterprise and Cloud Services (ESC). ECS is responsible for system administration and the maintenance of hardware, software, and cloud environment supporting the campus enterprise systems.

Alongside of the Office 365 team, Chad helps manage the employee email system on Office 365 as well as the student email system on Google and several other systems.

Chad works closely with the Pfau Library in order to help manage their servers. Chad has always enjoyed working with all aspects of computers, whether it is configuring systems or programming something new.

ITS is important to our campus in many ways. “We live in an age where technology touches almost every aspect of our lives and the campus community relies on that technology to be up and working 24/7,” said Chad.

During his time off, he enjoys spending time with his family as well as traveling around the globe. Chad loves a good Cuban or Puerto Rican dish. You might also catch Chad putting on his fins for a scuba dive. He enjoys sitting back and watching sci-fi and superhero movies.

Chad graduated from CSUSB with a degree in Computer Systems, Systems Administration option. As an undergrad, he worked for ITS as a student assistant. Back in 1999 he was hired as a staff member and has been working with ITS since then. The campus was always a friendly place for him with the support of faculty and staff. Now as a staff member he enjoys working with those who helped him during his time as student.

Employee Spotlight: Candace Johnson

17-03-20-CSUSB-- Candace Johnson, Asst Budget Analyst, ITS - Office of the Vice President, California State University, San Bernardino on Monday, Mar 20, 2017. Photo by Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSB

Candace Johnson is an Assistant Budget Analyst in the ITS Budget Office within the office of the Vice President. The ITS Budget Office centrally manages the financial services, human resources services and procurement services at a divisional level.

As an Assistant Budget Analyst, Candace assists with the management of the ITS operating budget. She evaluates the impact of changes in the budget levels and expenses to take necessary actions to assure the division is within budget. This process involves tracking and reconciling all ITS division accounts. Candace tracks all financial transactions in the division, creates expense reports, enters purchase requisitions in PeopleSoft and prepares various financial forms.

The ITS division is important to the campus since they provide technology services and support to the whole campus.  However, the ITS Budget Office is significant to the division because they make all the necessary technology purchases needed to enable their division to provide world class customer service and support.

Candace is most proud of working on the Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative (VETI) Grants. These grants are used to purchase new and cutting edge technology related items that students could use to enhance their learning experience. She is responsible for placing orders and tracking the expenses. Candace has purchased an X-Ray machine, 3D Printers, Neurological Kits and Software.

The most rewarding part about working on this project is she gets to attend the “Open Houses and/or Grand Openings” related to the grants to see how the items to see how they are being used. Some examples of the VETI Grant related projects are the Teaching Resource Center, the Library’s Innovation Lab and the Veteran’s Success Center. Another aspect that is rewarding to Candace is the ability to work closely with different faculty and staff from the various departments and colleges across campus.

On a personal note, Candace’s favorite television show is Grey’s Anatomy which she has been watching for the past 13 years. As for her favorite food, she would have to say shrimp, crab legs, sushi and, of course, dessert.

Candace hopes her next trip will be to the Bahamas or Jamaica. During her downtime she can be seen spending time with her family. They are always out at basketball events, school events or family events. However, if no events are scheduled, she is at home with her family watching movies in their pajamas.  

She attended CSUSB for five years where she received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 2002 and Masters in Criminal Justice in 2007. Candace has worked for CSUSB for 15 years.

For Candace, CSUSB means “a place of growth for me. I learned and excelled here. I received both my degrees from this campus. I have reached several milestones in my professional career here. I started as a student assistant and then moved on to become an Administrative Assistant, and Administrative Coordinator, and currently a Budget Analyst. The personal relationships that I have developed here has helped me grow on a personal level. So, I would say that CSUSB is a great place to plant a seed!”

Employee Spotlight: Dung Vu

DSC_1162Dung Vu is a Programmer Analyst in the Enterprise and Cloud Services (ECS) department in ITS. ECS is the central resource for server support for CSUSB providing efficient and effective utilization of resources throughout the IT division. They’re responsible for the system administration and maintenance of the hardware and software supporting the campus central servers and system maintenance. ECS provides services in software installation, configuration, maintenance, file backup and recovery and report processing.

As a Programmer Analyst, Dung is responsible for system and database administration. He is part of the Onbase team taking care of Onbase, a centralized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that securely archives documents in electronic forms for the whole campus making them available anytime and anywhere. Onbase provides workflow automation and procedures can be web-based, paperless, and complete in a timely manner since the process can be automatically coordinated and monitored.

One of the features that makes Onbase at CSUSB unique is that it’s securely open to Internet users, who can submit and approve workflow forms virtually from anytime and anywhere. Its security goes beyond Onbase in that it just relies on regular authentication-authorization. The Onbase team has modified its architecture to allow Internet users to safely access the Onbase, while authorized personnel can securely access sensitive documents.

Dung is proud of administrating the System and Databases of the centralized Event Management that integrates Events and Academic scheduling with no-less security requirements. Onbase System, is growing fast as more departments are requesting to have their documents go electronic, and more workflow processes have been developed.

Dung has been working for CSUSB for over twelve years after graduating with M.S. degree in Computer Science from the California State University San Bernardino in 2004. During his study in the M.S. program, he worked as a Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant, and actively participated in research and software development. He has developed Graduate Student Database Management System in MS Access, and then transformed it into a web-based system. This system has been further developed by other graduates and is currently in use.

In his final year of his M.S. study, he joined the professors in the Department to build a complex system including a secure database to save sensitive information, and a sophisticated web-based software. The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)-approved system specified by Active Capital did not only help entrepreneurs complete legal disclosure document (U7) using a complex on-line questionnaire, but also assisted in matching entrepreneurs and investor angles nationwide. His knowledge and experience were advanced with multiple responsibilities: Software Developer, System and Database administrator. He was also Microsoft certified System Engineer and Microsoft Certified Database administrator.

While working at CSUSB, Dung continued to study at the University of California Riverside (UCR). He graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at UCR in 2014 where he researched Efficient and Scalable Core Scheduling for Multi-Core Systems. He has published several papers among top-tiers international conferences such as IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo ICME (2012,2014), International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness, QShine 2010, IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC), 2012.

Dung has been awarded several awards for his research work in Cal State San Bernardino and the University of California Riverside, Travel Grant Award 2012, 2014, Ph.D. Forgivable Loan Scholarship recipient  2006, California State University Outstanding Graduate Student, Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship 2001-2002. He has even been offered an interesting position as a part-time lecturer for Computer Science courses in the Department of Computer Science at CSUSB.

For Dung, CSUSB has become his longest workplace and he enjoys working, learning, and hopes to make meaningful contributions for years to come.

Employee Spotlight: Janette Flores


Janette Flores is an Administrative Support Coordinator in the Project Management and Assessment department of the ITS Division. Janette works with all ITS teams to track projects and report to IT governance and the office of the VP/CIO.  The Project Management Office also lead projects for the ITS division when asked.

As the Project Management Office Coordinator, she specializes in staff support, securing maintenance, and controlling the financial aspects of all projects. Janette’s primary role is ensuring projects are being delivered on time and meeting desired goals.  Janette verifies that all parts of the process and project as a whole remain organized and running according to plan.  

Janette is most proud of the growth she has made and all that she has endured over the years here at CSUSB. Twelve years ago, Janette was responsible for the Outgoing Transcript Unit in Records and Registration. She has also worked with CMS and training services. Janette was a contributor to the design and creation of the staff training for PeopleSoft using captivate which served as an exciting and great learning experience. Recently, she has been part of the project, “Reach Digital Signage.” This project replaces all CSUSB owned digital signage with a system that is centrally managed and be unified in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. The digital display management system will be rolled out into the colleges and university own displays followed by Auxiliary units. “Reach Digital Signage” is very important to her because it affects the entire campus community. Today, she is working in ITS Project Management and raising the bar for her professional growth.

On a personal note, Janette has recently traveled to Italy and would love to go a 100 times more if she could since it’s her favorite place. She would love to visit Greece next.

Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and her favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands; her favorite food to this day is sushi. She is something of an artist, a musician who plays the keyboard and sings. She leads the worship team at “Agua De Vida” in San Bernardino.

Janette has worked at CSUSB for 21 years. She received her B.A. in Criminal Justice from CSUSB. Then, she went to Summit Bible College to get her Masters in Theology and a Doctorate in Worship and Prayer.  

To Janette, CSUSB means home to her. She states, “My entire working career has been here at CSUSB and I am grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences this campus has afforded me.”


Employee Spotlight: Rob Garcia

f-9-51-9671788_hwlmv79s_robert_garcia_2015Rob Garcia is a web services liaison and developer in the Web Services department of the ITS division. Web Services provides the campus with centralized web support, the maintenance of existing sites, development of new sites, and presentation and training of new design features. Their team of web developers and programmers work with you to create and maintain a professional appearance in your website and they even provide training to your members for possible contributions.

As a web service liaison & developer, Rob works with members of the campus community to help plan, create and manage their websites. He works with the latest web tools such as Dreamweaver and Drupal content management system to maintain the newest websites. As part of the ITS web development team, he works closely with his colleagues to provide web support and great customer service to the campus community.

Rob particularly enjoys the customer service aspect of his job since he is given the opportunity to interact with folks from all over the campus. He is proud being part a great group of talented programmers and developers. Currently, he is working on the new College of Education website which recently launched – – take a look.

On a personal level, as a young man Rob had the chance to live abroad in Brazil for a year and travel to Europe for a marching band tour. Even though he doesn’t travel much now when he does get the chance his favorite place to have fun and relax is Las Vegas. On his bucket list, he has a few destinations he would like to visit, Italy and Germany.

Rob is a “typical computer geek” trying to keep up with the latest technology.  Here at CSUSB, Rob is in his third term as President of the CSU Employee Union Chapter 320 San Bernardino. On a personal note, he studied Tae Kwon Do for over 15 years and is a certified instructor.  He is a big fan of stand-up comedy and loves going to the movies to see the latest releases.

His favorite food is Italian, specifically the pizza and all the different pasta dishes. His favorite movies are Enter the Dragonwith Bruce Lee, Bull Durham with Kevin Costner, and the Ocean’s Trilogy with George Clooney and friends. His favorite TV show is Seinfeld and the Big Bang Theory.  His favorite comedians right now are Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, and Chris Rock among others.

Rob has been working for CSUSB for 17 plus years. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he got his B.A. in Geography specializing in Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S). In September 2003, he was awarded with College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Employee of the Year and became the Chair of the University Technology Community Steering Committee. September 2010 he received the CSUSB President’s Team Achievement Award (LEAD Summit) and in 2011 he was presented with the CSUSB President’s Outstanding Employee Award. Rob’s most recent award achievement was in April 2012, the Golden Apple Award- Outstanding Employee Award.

To Rob, CSUSB has been his true calling and loves working here. He is honored and grateful to work with so many friends and colleagues from all over campus.

Employee Spotlight: Cierra Lavarias

cierra-photographCierra Lavarias is an Administrative Support Coordinator in the Academic Technologies and Innovation Department (ATI) in the ITS Division. ATI is mainly focused on working with faculty to implement their courses with the innovating technology to promote learning as well as to empower both students and faculty to achieve their academic goals. ATI works with faculty to better improve their courses for lectures, hybrid, and online courses including, helping students who have disabilities with ATI’s Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center. They are in charge of the Distance Learning and have staff working behind the scenes to make sure that classes both at CSUSB and PDC are running smoothly in the aspects of technology.

As an Administrative Support Coordinator, Cierra overlooks the financial management of the ATI department. She is in charge of processing purchase requests and the input of purchasing requisitions. Cierra manages the wages of student assistants and staff making sure they are paid and have met the hours. She organizes travel plans, instructional design workshops, and other aspects of online teaching for faculty members.

The aspect Cierra is most proud of in her job is the ability to work closely with so many different people in the ITS division.  Working at ATI has provided Cierra with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members which allows her to get a better sense of teaching and learning activities at the University.   

On a personal note, Cierra states, “any place is my place to travel.”  She enjoys traveling and a place she has not visited yet but would like to, is Greece.

Her hobbies consist of volunteering at an animal shelter, walking her dog, Francis, cooking, and hiking. While her favorite TV show is House of Cards, she reveals that her favorite food is sushi.

Cierra has been working for four years at CSUSB. She attended CSUSB and received her Bachelor of Arts in Business and Public Administration with a concentration in Finance. Currently, she is enrolled in the Master of Public Administration Employee cohort and working towards a MPA degree in Public Financial Management.    

To Cierra, CSUSB means family. As a sophomore, she began working at CSUSB as a student assistant in the ITS Division.  While attending school and working on campus, Cierra has met some of her lifelong friends and has created, “amazing relationships with so many colleagues.”

Employee Spotlight: Tracy Medrano

Medrano_2Q2A8443a (3)Tracy Medrano is an instructional designer for the ITS department of Academic Technologies and Innovation (ATI). ATI is committed to providing high-quality support that helps transform the online and face-to-face learning environment by creating technology-enhanced learning solutions and promoting quality online course design.

As an instructional designer, Tracy offers course design recommendations based on pedagogic theories and principles, helps transition face-to-face courses to a fully online or blended format, re-designs existing online courses, and recommends technologies and available resources. She designs and develops teaching, learning, and assessment resources in a variety of formats such as prints, graphics, audio and video technologies to support curriculum offerings. Tracy creates and delivers workshops for groups and individuals on instructional software and design. She also facilitates the California State University Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) and Quality Matters (QM) quality assurance standards for continuous improvement in online education, best practices, and program requirements.

For Tracy, “learning happens through our experiences.” The most rewarding part of being an instructional designer is “being a part of the creative learning process; working closely with faculty to help create a learning environment that’s both stimulating and memorable for students.”

On a personal level, Tracy and her family enjoy traveling to San Diego and Big Bear. She would love to someday travel to Bora Bora with her family and stay in an overwater bungalow suite. More than anything, she enjoys spending her free time with her kids; attending baseball games, watching movies, and painting. Tracy also spends time volunteering in her local community. Her favorite movies are Stephen King’s It, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Office Space. Her favorite food is Japanese and Indian.

Tracy has been working at CSUSB for ten months and brings with her nine years of experience in online course development, learning management systems, and organization training and development. She is a certified Franklin Covey facilitator, since 2009. Franklin Covey is a global company focused on performance improvement. As a client facilitator she teaches leadership, execution, productivity, communication, and trust content and adapts it to organizational needs. In addition, Tracy is a certified Vital Smarts facilitator, since 2011. Vital Smarts “offers training and leadership solutions based on more than 30 years of on-going research.” She is a certified facilitator in Crucial Conversations, which “offers skills for forming agreement by encouraging open and respectful dialogue around difficult topics” and is a certified facilitator in Change Anything, which is based on a methodology for changing individual behavior. Tracy holds a B.A. in Business Administration from California Baptist University and is currently working on her M.A. in Instructional Design and Technology.

To Tracy, “CSUSB is an archetype of artistic expression and a beacon of opportunity.”


Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Viramontes

E.ViramontesElizabeth Viramontes is an Instructional Designer in the ITS department of Academic Technologies and Innovation (ATI). The ATI department mainly focuses on helping faculty supplement innovating technologies into their courses. They provide course consultations and instructional designers to help build courses to the faculty’s specifications as well as to the needs of their students. Their main goal is to find new and creative ways to incorporate technology in education so students will engage in their learning —since students are constantly using and finding new innovative technologies.

As an instructional designer, Elizabeth engages in the research-based process of designing and implementing instruction for better learning. She uses her broad knowledge of instructional design and implements it into the course designs and content. Elizabeth creates and develops the appropriate design for the course project reflecting the understanding of a diversity of learners and groups of learners. She provides effective implementation of instructional design for students to make the best of their course experience.

On a personal note, Elizabeth loves to travel. She’s been to Europe but her favorite place to travel is Hawaii. Next on her travel list is Thailand.

Her favorite hobby during the winter is snowboarding and, for about eight years, she did Muay Thai kickboxing. Her favorite movie is Amelie even though her favorite genre is horror; her favorite TV show is the Walking Dead. She enjoys eating Thai food and sushi.

Elizabeth has been working for CSUSB for about 10 years. Within those 10 years, she has held different positions in ITS such as; creating graphic and video content for online courses, video production, multimedia design, graphic design, and motion graphics, until getting her current position as a course development instructional designer. Elizabeth graduated from CSUSB with a double major —Communications with a concentration in Mass Communication and Art with a concentration in graphic design.

To Elizabeth, CSUSB is a place, which has been and continues to be a constant teacher to her. She went to school here where she developed as a young adult and a professional. Now in her professional career, she comes to work everyday to learn something new.

Employee Spotlight: Gerardo Garcia-Sotelo

FullSizeRenderGerardo Garcia-Sotelo works in Enterprise Cloud Services as a Lead Operating Systems Analyst. The ITS-Enterprise and Cloud Services (ECS) hosts the central server farm of CSUSB’s campus operations. ECS provides computing power, storage, network, cooling, power infrastructure, monitoring and backup services including digital data exchange to multiple departments and colleges across campus. In addition, ECS provides support services to campus enterprise applications such as Office365.

The ECS server room hosts CSUSB’s central private cloud using enterprise technology from VMware, DELL and VEEAM. This server room supports over 240 virtual servers and over 100 physical servers across campus from various departments. The ECS infrastructure hosts applications that support student success, such as library systems and virtual desktop infrastructure used in computer labs (VDI) to mention some.

In essence, the services that the ECS department provides to the CSUSB campus are mostly behind the scenes, but fundamental to the mission of the campus, which ultimately translates into student success.

As a Lead Operating System Analyst, Gerardo manages the day-to-day operation at the ECS server room. One of the most recent projects Gerardo has completed and feels proud of is the implementation and documentation of the Environmental Sensor Systems for the university’s Central Server Room. This system is currently in use to remotely monitor and send emails and text notifications about water leaks, power outages, and sudden changes in temperature and humidity conditions. He is also proud of maintaining expert knowledge on all business procedures associated with the assets and capacity planning in the ECS server room. Gerardo also coordinates the logistics and installation of incoming equipment and performs electrical and cooling load analysis to ensure proper functionality of the server room infrastructure.

On a personal note, Gerardo’s favorite food is Thai and he enjoys watching motorsports, action movies and documentaries. He also likes to work on cars and work on DIY home and garden improvements for his house.

His favorite place to travel is Hawaii because, he says, he enjoys the “warm water and blue ocean.” On his future travel bucket list is New Zealand and Norway.

Gerardo has been working for CSUSB for 11 years. In 1988, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. That same year, he began to work for Emerson Electric until 2000 when he left to became an international student to the CSUSB Yasuda Center. From there he graduated with his Masters in Computer Sciences in 2005. Currently, Gerardo is enrolled in the MPA CSUSB cohort.

To Gerardo, “CSUSB is like home to me. It is the institution that I graduated from; I enjoy my work, which also allows me the opportunity to contribute to student success. It is great to be part of the pack.”

Employee Spotlight: Jacquelyn Almonte

AlmonteJJacquelyn Almonte is a lead system analyst in the Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence (ACBI) department of the ITS division. The ACBI develops, provides support, and manages different campus enterprise software applications on various hardware platforms. ACBI works in an environment that collaborates and engages to generate the best practices and unique solutions for campus business needs. With a rapidly evolving and volatile technology landscape, the ACBI team engages with technology trends and experiments in creative ways to apply them to campus business to change or adapt to the needs of their business partners. ACBI provides administrative users the support they need to transition and adjust to the changes being made in the technology by having instructor led and one-on-one hands on training, tutorials, and self-services.

As a lead system analyst, Jacquelyn analyzes systems and procedures already in place devising modifications and identifying needs of new equipment or software. She decides when to recommend upgrades to the systems and designs computer programs with the use of flowcharts and diagrams; afterwards, she configures equipment and software. In addition, she also writes technical reports and creates/updates protocols and procedures.

Jacquelyn is most proud of her ‘Communication History’ Project she completed last year, which allows students to see emails sent to them via PeopleSoft in MyCoyote. She is most grateful for her ability to help others accomplish their job more effectively and efficiently through the use of technology.

On a personal level, Jacquelyn enjoys playing billiards, but her favorite game is 9-ball. Her favorite movies are all the Star Trek movies, (which her husband bought and gave to her as an anniversary present). As for food, she’ll eat pretty much anything but lately she has been obsessed with Korean food and Japanese Ramen.

Jacquelyn loves to travel to places where there’s beautiful scenery and that’s why she can be found driving on Highways: 101, 120, 395, and 4 for no other reason than to fill her soul with beauty and peace. On an exciting note, she will be traveling to Israel soon and is looking forward to her new adventures there.

Jacquelyn has worked for CSUSB for two years. She received her B.S in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems and an emphasis in Business System Analysis from Cal Poly Pomona.

To Jacquelyn CSUSB means, “There are many opportunities for professional and personal growth at CSUSB. I look forward to enhancing my skills further and to contribute the abilities that God has given me to better service our students and my colleagues.”