IT Governance: February 2016

IT LeadershipInformation Security Audit Follow-up:  Chancellor’s Office auditors have been on  campus to validate campus efforts to mitigate the information security audit findings from Spring 2015. The team of security audit experts have been working with the ITS team as well as the decentralized IT Units across the Campus in validating efforts as well as providing recommendations. We have invited the auditors to come and present their findings and recommendations at the IT Governance Executive Committee meeting in March.

Portfolium: This alumni development and career development tool was purchased by the Chancellor’s Office for the campus. A meeting took place on 1/20/16 with stakeholders across campus. The intent is to roll out the product to students and alumni first. Emails will be sent out to users with information on activating their accounts.

Trip to ASU: Two CSUSB teams, faculty/academics and institutional intelligence, visited Arizona State University on February 10-12 to learn more about their online programs and institutional intelligence. VP Sudhakar provided a report to IT Governance about the trip and some strategies that ITS and the Institutional Research Teams are working on in collaboration with faculty and the campus community.

Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS): VP Sudhakar shared information about the HETS resources available to students in both English and Spanish. The team will continue with promotional efforts for these resources. . The committee discussed options for promotions including the using the MyCoyote Portal page and advertising in the Dreamers Center. VP Sudhakar will be meeting with Career Services to discuss how to further promote HETS to the students.