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ATI – Instructional Design


The Instructional Designers within the Academic Technologies and Innovation Department (ATI) of the ITS Division offer high-quality professional development, pedagogical, and course design/redesign with technology support. Their team of experienced designers can help you transition your face-to-face course to a fully online or blended learning course, re-design an existing course, or simply provide you with best practices in course design, recommended technologies, and available resources.


If you are looking to make a change to your face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online course but are uncertain what you want that change to look like, schedule a consultation with our team!  We can help you identify new and exciting technologies to bring into your classroom or rethink a course activity to increase student motivation.

Course Design/Redesign

Instructional Designers offer high-quality course design/redesign with technology support. Our team of experienced designers can help you transition your face-to-face course to a fully online or blended learning course, re-design an existing course, or simply provide you with best practices in course design, recommended technologies, and available resources.

Online Pedagogy

Teaching online presents many new and exciting challenges for instructors who are used to a brick-and-mortar, face-to-face environment. With the help of an expert instructional designer, instructors can take advantage of the opportunity to learn how online and face-to-face pedagogy differ and how to prepare an online course accordingly. Our designers offer practical advice for the pursuit of pedagogical goals by providing best practice tips and help finding the perfect piece of technology to fit your needs and budget.

Program Development

Program development includes full course design services for all courses in a program, including collaboration with program directors and department chairs to ensure program goals are met.  Courses developed as part of a program will ensure consistency across courses and can include coordinated activities and assessments.

QM/QOLT Sample Course Template

The CSUSB Blackboard Quality Matters (QM) /Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) sample course template provides faculty with a foundation to build a quality online course. For detailed information, download the Blackboard QM/QOLT Sample Course Template Guide or complete a service request form.

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Employee Spotlight: Rob Garcia

f-9-51-9671788_hwlmv79s_robert_garcia_2015Rob Garcia is a web services liaison and developer in the Web Services department of the ITS division. Web Services provides the campus with centralized web support, the maintenance of existing sites, development of new sites, and presentation and training of new design features. Their team of web developers and programmers work with you to create and maintain a professional appearance in your website and they even provide training to your members for possible contributions.

As a web service liaison & developer, Rob works with members of the campus community to help plan, create and manage their websites. He works with the latest web tools such as Dreamweaver and Drupal content management system to maintain the newest websites. As part of the ITS web development team, he works closely with his colleagues to provide web support and great customer service to the campus community.

Rob particularly enjoys the customer service aspect of his job since he is given the opportunity to interact with folks from all over the campus. He is proud being part a great group of talented programmers and developers. Currently, he is working on the new College of Education website which recently launched – – take a look.

On a personal level, as a young man Rob had the chance to live abroad in Brazil for a year and travel to Europe for a marching band tour. Even though he doesn’t travel much now when he does get the chance his favorite place to have fun and relax is Las Vegas. On his bucket list, he has a few destinations he would like to visit, Italy and Germany.

Rob is a “typical computer geek” trying to keep up with the latest technology.  Here at CSUSB, Rob is in his third term as President of the CSU Employee Union Chapter 320 San Bernardino. On a personal note, he studied Tae Kwon Do for over 15 years and is a certified instructor.  He is a big fan of stand-up comedy and loves going to the movies to see the latest releases.

His favorite food is Italian, specifically the pizza and all the different pasta dishes. His favorite movies are Enter the Dragonwith Bruce Lee, Bull Durham with Kevin Costner, and the Ocean’s Trilogy with George Clooney and friends. His favorite TV show is Seinfeld and the Big Bang Theory.  His favorite comedians right now are Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, and Chris Rock among others.

Rob has been working for CSUSB for 17 plus years. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he got his B.A. in Geography specializing in Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S). In September 2003, he was awarded with College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Employee of the Year and became the Chair of the University Technology Community Steering Committee. September 2010 he received the CSUSB President’s Team Achievement Award (LEAD Summit) and in 2011 he was presented with the CSUSB President’s Outstanding Employee Award. Rob’s most recent award achievement was in April 2012, the Golden Apple Award- Outstanding Employee Award.

To Rob, CSUSB has been his true calling and loves working here. He is honored and grateful to work with so many friends and colleagues from all over campus.

IT-Governance: November 2016

ITS – Procurement for hardware and software: VP Sudhakar announced to the group that all software used by students, faculty, and staff must be accessible. When purchasing software a vendor must provide a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). An expert must look through the VPAT to validate if it is accurate or not. In order to alleviate the workload of the Procurement Office, the ATI office will validate VPATs before going to Procurement. Regarding open source software we cannot prevent employees from purchasing the product but, would need to educate them on the disservice they would be doing to our students if the product is not accessible. Mihaela Popescu stated that the IMAP committee is coming up with a process on how to educate faculty on accessibility. 

ITS – Campus Wide Web Migration Update: Michael Casadonte presented to the group the evolution and future of web presence at our campus. Before migrating to our current content management system (Drupal), there were many accessibility and security issues.  After moving to Drupal, websites are able to go-live faster because of shorter build times. Additionally, Web Services is able to easily address accessible and security issues. Currently, Web Services has launched about 28% of active CSUSB websites in Drupal. The goal is to complete migrating all administrative websites to Drupal by the end of 2017.  

ITS – Academic Technologies & Innovation Support for Faculty: Mihaela Popescu presented to the group the portfolio of ATI services. She wanted to stress that ATI is not ODL but a new creation that brought different departments under one. There are 7 services that ATI provides which are instruction design, instructional technology, smart classroom technology, distance learning & videoconferencing, academic multimedia, assistive technology & accessibility, and academic systems administration.

Palo Alto Project Update: AVP Au asked the group for approval to move the cut over date up 2 business days. Instead of the cut over being December 19-23 it will be scheduled for December 15-22. VP Sudhakar asked Gerard what the impact to campus will be if we move the date up 2 business days. Gerard said that is minimal impact. Blackboard and Peoplesoft will not be affected. The committee approved having the date moved.

Announcements:  VP Sudhakar announced that next year Peoplesoft will split in HR and student module. Gerard Au announced to the group that the second wave of the outdoor wireless went live. The next wave will be on the Coyote Walk and will be completed by the end of 2017.