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ITS Department News | Enterprise and Cloud Services

NCS Scanning Service:  The NCS Scanning Service offered by Enterprise and Cloud Services (ECS), benefits faculty at CSUSB by quickly grading scantrons with up to 160 multiple-choice answers. ECS can then use those results to provide statistical reports and graded tests to faculty in 24 hours or less. This service provided by ECS helps in giving faculty back their time needed for planning and working with their students. For example, in a situation where a faculty has a class of 120 students and a test with 160 questions; the NCS scanning services would save a professor from manually grading 19,200 questions. Over the past fiscal year, from July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, ECS scanned over 83,163 scantrons. This first class service makes hand-grading tests a thing of the past.

Students also benefit from the NCS Scanning Service as they can view their test results sooner, creating the ability for them to go back over the corrected test material, which in turn helps them better prepare for upcoming exams. NCS scanning service simply means more time for faculty to teach and more time for students to learn.

CSUSB on Premises Cloud:  In 2009, CSUSB Enterprise and Cloud Services (ECS) embarked on a new initiative and decided to go virtual. The ECS team of experts knew the infrastructure was aging with over 400 physical servers in circulation; today there are less than 100 servers in use. The ECS team was able to consolidate and optimize the server rack square footage used, thus decreasing the amount of cooling needed. This decrease in physical servers has helped reduce the energy consumption levels by more than 30 percent (since more than 75 percent of the physical servers were consolidated or virtualized). These steps make ECS environmentally friendly while remaining cost efficient.

GenCyber Summer Camp Program:  As a part of our community engagement goal at Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) we invited the GenCyber Summer Camp Program to explore the department and server room. The ECS team shared our knowledge of large scale computing and private cloud to over 250 Girl Scouts from our local community. Our goal was to help increase understanding, knowledge, and interest in technology. As part of their time with our technology experts, the girls learned that the campus storage system is capable of holding over 12 million hours of music.

Creating interest in technology has become increasingly important. According to the National Center for Women in Technology, “17 percent of 2014 Computer and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were female.” This low percentage of women in technology is why it is vital to have programs like GenCyber and why ECS was more than excited to have the Girl Scouts visit the department. It is important to create interest in technology and help make it a more diverse field thus lending new talent and ideas to the innovative field. The ECS team hopes that the knowledge and insight the young women received will encourage many of them to return to our campus–or any other campus– in pursuit of a degree in the area of technology.

IT Governance Digest: July 2016

IT LeadershipAdministrator Access on Desktops: ITS again brought forth the recommendation for local administrative rights and the proposed form with changes incorporated from the last few meetings. After the discussion, the committee unanimously approved moving forward with the recommendation and form pending two additional modifications. The committee will work with ITS in the implementation phase.

Phishing Simulation: With phishing being the third highest threat in cybersecurity, ITS brought forth a recommendation for education on phishing awareness. Over the next six months ITS is proposing to educate the campus and then to send out a phishing test that can assess vulnerability. VP Sudhakar shared that the Chancellor’s office will be assisting with costs for this educational program. The committee unanimously approved this recommendation.

NSF Grant Application: VP Sudhakar and colleagues attended the Internet2 Global Summit in May and met with the director of the National Science Foundation. There is an opportunity for a grant to upgrade our egress link in San Bernardino to 100 GB. The grant is due in August and the VP Sudhakar will be meeting with his team and additional colleagues to discuss this opportunity. More information will be brought to the next meeting.

ProofPoint Update: ITS will be bringing a recommendation to the next meeting for the ProofPoint Outlook plug-in. The IT Governance Executive Committee must approve the decision to push out this plug-in that is already included in the package that was purchased before ITS proceeds.

ITS Consulting ServicesVP Sudhakar shared an early proposal from ITS to create a consulting unit to streamline project requests coming from the campus community and to set timelines, milestones and assessment metrics.