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Employee Spotlight: Takiya Moore

Moore_BB1U2666Takiya Moore is a Senior Instructional Designer in the Academic Technologies and Innovation Department (ATI) of ITS. The ATI department supports and reconstructs learning through the use of inclusive technology-enabled solutions; solutions that provide user-friendly technology in all learning environments for the specific learning type. ATI helps support students’ learning by delivering them functional, efficient, and effective technology, but also accommodates faculty, staff and students with various ways of constructing, distributing, and accessing information through the academic technology solutions they offer.

As a Senior Instructional Designer, Takiya is the technical architect overlooking the blueprints of a course’s specifications before it is constructed into an efficient and effective teaching program. She has a broad range of understanding of all different types of learners and provides them with the optimum learning environment that best suits their needs. She develops and implements curriculum created by faculty to benefit the students.

In her position as Senior Instructional Designer, she is most proud of creating educational opportunities for students who are not able to attend traditional models of education to obtain an advance degree. Takiya sees her job as a way of helping students have, “Access to the ‘American Dream’ and most importantly,the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.”

On a more personal level, for many years, Takiya was a dance instructor, teaching Liturgical dance. For those of us who drew a blank on what Liturgical dance is; it is the expression of feelings and faith that are conveyed through the body’s movement. Over her ten years of instructional and leadership skills, she created an African Dance Company as well as leading, “an award winning youth Step Ministry.”

Her favorite movie is Robin Hood, (the animated version not the live action) and her favorite food, is ice cream. She loves traveling, especially back home to Brooklyn, New York, where she spends most of her time with her family. On her bucket list for future destinations are, the South and East side of Asia, where she wishes to explore the many countries within the continent in search for the cultural aspects Asia has to offer.

Takiya has worked at CSUSB for eleven years dedicating her time to helping students earn their advanced degrees. Takiya earned her Bachelors in Science in Business Administration at the University of Riverside, her Master of Public Administration at CSUSB and her Ed.D ABD at Argosy University.

To Takiya, CSUSB, “is a beacon of light in the region….a continued promise with opportunity….the pride of fulfilled hopes and dreams.”

ITS Strategic Planning Process

ITS Strategic Planning: chalkboardThe ITS Strategic Planning process is progressing well. Student survey has been closed. We received more than 1800 responses. Staff survey has been tabulated. The five working groups (see below) are working diligently on their objectives, strategies and Key Performance Indicators to be presented to the ITS Leadership Team by March 25th.  The strategic plan will be finalized by the end of March.


2016 Strategic Planning Working Groups:

e-Learning Dept./College Email
Dr. Michael Chen, Co-Chair ITS
Dr. Terri Nelson, Co-Chair World Languages & Literature
Tracy Medrano ITS
Khalil Daneshvar ITS
Thin Ly College of Education
Elsa Valdez Sociology
Dr. Janine Kremling Criminal Justice
Melissa Patton Student Representative


e-Services Dept./College Email
David Nimri, Co-Chair ITS
Jim O’Linger, Co-Chair ITS
Jaime Long Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Daniel Macdonald Economics
Eduardo Mendoza Advising and Academic Services
Felix Zuniga ITS
Gerardo Garcia-Sotelo ITS
Jana Dhargalkar Student Representative
Talisa Terrell Student Representative
Angelica Hurtado Student Representative
Selena Lopez Student Representative
ASI Advocate Student Representative


Analytics Dept./College Email
Lenora Rodgers, Co-Chair ITS
Muriel Lopez-Wagner, Co-Chair Institutional Research
Mihaela Popescu ITS/Communications
Dr. Chris Lindfelt Undergraduate Studies
Anthony De La Loza ITS
Dottie Cartwright English
Alicia Silva Student Representative


Stable & Secure Infrastructure Dept./College Email
Gerard Au, Co-Chair ITS
Dr. Jake Zhu, Co-Chair Information & Decision Sciences
Dr. Javier Torner ITS
David Hatch ITS
Andy Chander ITS
Ian Jacobs Business & Public Administration
Dora Baldwin Student Representative



Community Engagement Dept./College Email
Felix Zuniga, Co-Chair ITS
Diane Podolske, Co-Chair Community Engagement
Cesar Caballero John Pfau Library
Edna Martinez Doctoral Studies
Steve Waldman ITS
Qiana Wallace Undergraduate Studies
Janette Flores ITS
Erika Flores Student Representative
Liam Clapworth Student Representative
Dora Baldwin Student Representative


IT Governance: March 2016

IT LeadershipProofPoint: VP Sudhakar announced the new software acquired for email and SPAM protection that will be replacing our current Barracuda software. ProofPoint scans for suspicious emails and allows end-users to remove them. Once detected, the software will desanitize the links. The intelligence of this software far exceeds that of our current Barracuda. ITS will be putting together a timeline on how this software will be rolled out and will have informational videos on how to use it. More details regarding ProofPoint will be sent out to the campus community soon.

ASU Trip: A thirteen member CSUSB team made up of faculty and staff visited Arizona State University on February 11th and 12th. The team was split into two subgroups to cover the areas of online learning and institutional intelligence at ASU. It was a very successful trip and the team brought back many ideas to share with our campus. VP Sudhakar, Dean Tatiana Karmanova and Dr. Jeanine Kremling have begun discussion on how to bring the ideas from ASU to CSUSB, but on a smaller scale.

Policy Review Process: VP Sudhakar shared a new process ITS will adopt in updating all the technology policies. The ITS Leadership Team will review all the outdated policies and decide whether the policies are still needed, need to be revised, or if they just need to be validated. They will then be brought to the IT Governance Executive Committee for review before they are sent to Administrative Council.

ProofPoint | CSUSB’s Email Protection System

The ITS Team will be upgrading CSUSB’s email protection and spam management system.

We will be migrating from the current Barracuda system to a new cloud based email management solution provided by ProofPoint.

The ProofPoint solution will feature the following functionalities:

·         Provide additional end-user control to manage their spam settings (whitelist/blacklist).

·         Enhance spam detection.

·         Blocking of malware in emails before they hit your inbox.

·         Prevent sophisticated email “phishing” attacks.

The ITS Team is in the process of configuring and testing the new solution and the system is expected to be placed in production by March 31, 2016. Please note that the transition to the new email management solution will not interrupt or affect the delivery of incoming and outgoing email for campus users.

Training and support on the use of the new ProofPoint email management solution will be provided by the Technology Support Center. Additional information and training dates will be available in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more about ProofPoint Office 365 protection please visit: