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IT Governance: February 2016

IT LeadershipInformation Security Audit Follow-up:  Chancellor’s Office auditors have been on  campus to validate campus efforts to mitigate the information security audit findings from Spring 2015. The team of security audit experts have been working with the ITS team as well as the decentralized IT Units across the Campus in validating efforts as well as providing recommendations. We have invited the auditors to come and present their findings and recommendations at the IT Governance Executive Committee meeting in March.

Portfolium: This alumni development and career development tool was purchased by the Chancellor’s Office for the campus. A meeting took place on 1/20/16 with stakeholders across campus. The intent is to roll out the product to students and alumni first. Emails will be sent out to users with information on activating their accounts.

Trip to ASU: Two CSUSB teams, faculty/academics and institutional intelligence, visited Arizona State University on February 10-12 to learn more about their online programs and institutional intelligence. VP Sudhakar provided a report to IT Governance about the trip and some strategies that ITS and the Institutional Research Teams are working on in collaboration with faculty and the campus community.

Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS): VP Sudhakar shared information about the HETS resources available to students in both English and Spanish. The team will continue with promotional efforts for these resources. . The committee discussed options for promotions including the using the MyCoyote Portal page and advertising in the Dreamers Center. VP Sudhakar will be meeting with Career Services to discuss how to further promote HETS to the students.

ITS Strategic Planning Process

ITS Strategic Planning: The ITS Strategic Planning process is proceeding on schedule. Staff surveys have been completed and results are being compiled. Student survey is in progress. A successful student forum was held on February 4th at the SMSU. Working Groups have been formed.

Information Technology Services – Strategic Planning Calendar:

Date Activity
July 21, 2015 Amir Dabirian Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
July 27, 2015 Dr. Monty Van Wart Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
August 25, 2015 Dr. Brad Wheeler, VP & CIO of Indiana State University Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
November 4, 2015 ITS Leadership Retreat – Moderated by Amir Dabirian, VP and CIO, Cal State Fullerton
November 16, 2015 Faculty Survey
October -Dec 2015 Dr. Sudhakar – Strategic Planning Discussions with PA650 Graduate Class
November 24, 2015 Faculty Forum
December 1, 2015 ITS Staff Strategic Planning Forums moderated by Joanna Oxendine
December 3, 2015 ITS Staff Strategic Planning Forums moderated by Joanna Oxendine
December 11, 2015 John McGuthry Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
December 17, 2015 ITS Staff ITS Strategic Planning Wrap Up Session
January 22, 2016 Hillary Baker Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
January 22, 2016 Hillary Baker Presentation to Faculty and ATI Team – CSUN iPad Initiative
February 4, 2016 Student Forum
February 2, 2016 Staff Survey
February 15, 2016 Student Survey
February-March 2016 Strategic Planning Working Groups
  E- Learning – Co-Chairs – Terri Nelson, Michael Chen
  E-Services – Co-Chairs- David Nimri & ASI Leader
  Analytics – Co-Chairs – Muriel Lopez Wagner & Lenora Rodgers
  Secure and Stable Infrastructure – Jake Zhu & Gerard Au
  Community Engagement – Diane Podolske & Felix Zuniga
 March 25, 2016 Finalize ITS Strategic Plan


A draft mission statement and strategic goals have  been formulated.

Mission: Information Technology Services supports student, faculty and staff success, by providing world class customer service, fostering faculty led innovation and research, and enhancing operational efficiency through the effective use of information technology tools.

ITS Strategic Planning Progress 2015-2020

E- Learning – Online and Hybrid Course Development, Faculty Support, Instructional Design, Learning Management Systems, Faculty Communication Portals, E-Textbooks, Chancellor Office Initiatives, Next Generation Distance Learning/Video Conferencing, Classroom and Student Engagement Technologies

E-Services – Mobile Everything, World Class One-Stop Services, ITS Training Services, Electronic Forms, Student Communication Portals, Enterprise Workflow Management, Digital ID Cards, Next Gen Payment systems, building access systems.

Analytics – Institutional Intelligence, EAB, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Financial Data Warehouse, Predictive Analytics, End User Empowerment Intelligence.

Stable and Secure Infrastructure – Next Generation wired and wireless networks (Indoor and Outdoor), Cloud architectures, Information Security & Privacy, University Policies, Distributed Technologies, User Provisioning and Authentication Systems, Green Technologies.

Community Engagement – Inland Empire Regional Broadband Consortium (IERB), Riverside County Digital Divide Project, Collaboration with SBCUSD on GearUp and Other programs. Engage with the Office of Community Engagement on Community Technology Projects

The process is expected to conclude in the end of March. We appreciate all the feedback we have received from the Campus community as we work on the ITS strategic plan for the next five years.