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Collaboration Station Redefines Group Projects

CSUSB emphasizes its importance on education by redefining group projects. Student collaboration tables reinvent group projects by making it easier for groups to collaborate effectively.

“We realize with 20,000+ students that we have now, spaces to study are crucial.” said Felix Zuniga, Director of Project Management and Assessment of Information Technology Services. “Rather than having empty corner with chairs and desks, we ordered nicer furniture and set-up a collaboration station to give students the resources to succeed, technology wise.”

Student Collaboration tables consist of two monitors, puck connections, and chargers in the middle of the table. Puck connections allow for quick connections from the device to monitor screens. Once the device is paired with the right connectors, simply tap on and it will automatically display on the screens. The right connections include: VGA, HDMI, and mini display port of apple devices.

In order to use the monitors, simply connect your computer to one of the available “pucks”. These pucks will have different connectors to choose from, so be sure to pick the one that fits your machine. Once your computer is connected to the puck, press the icon located on the puck. This will share your computer screen to the media scape. If your laptop screen is still not shared to the media scape, make sure that your laptop display settings are set to either “duplicate display” or “projector only”, as some laptops will not automatically change this setting.

Currently, the only fully accessible collaboration station is located on the first floor of the outer library, right across from the Tech Support center. It operates on a first come, first serve basis.

There will be more collaboration stations added in the Pfau Library and ATI idea lab.


Free Microsoft Office 365 Download

CSUSB provides Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to students for free! All students can install Office 365 on up to 5 desktop machines in addition to 5 mobile devices (PC or Mac). The install includes Microsoft programs Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, and more.

To download Office 365 free, click the link below and enter your Coyote ID with your MyCoyote password.

Download Microsoft Office 365 for students


Under the Home Use Program (HUP), CSUSB faculty and staff can purchase a personal copy of Microsoft Office 2013 through the web at University Software Home Use Program for $9.95.

Download Microsoft Office 365 for faculty and staff

For technical assistance, contact the Technology Support Center at (909) 537-7677 or


Powermat Wireless Charging

CSUSB has partnered with Powermat to bring wireless charging to students!

How does it work?

When plugged in and placed on a Powermat Spot, the Powermat Ring wirelessly recharges your phone.

First, download the Powermat app on your mobile device in the App Store or Google Play. Once your phone’s Powermat app is open, plug in the Ring, click “tap to charge” and relax while your phone recharges.

Powermat charges as fast as a cord, so you can live life at 100 percent.

Some mobile devices do not need to be plugged into a Power Ring because they are embedded with wireless charging capabilities, including the Samsung S6 and LG G3.


Where can I recharge?

Powermat stations are installed in locations all over campus from the Student Union to the Social & Behavioral Science building. The Powermat app shows all of the Powermat Spots available on campus and on the go.

In honor of CSUSB’s 50th anniversary, students can purchase their own Powermat Ring for 50% off using the discount code ‘CSUSB50’. The Powermat Ring comes in multiple colors and fits all iPhone and Android mobile devices. Get yours here to stay charged and in the loop.

More Power Options

  • Santos Manuel Student Union — Charging Lockers located on the first floor of the SU give you power and freedom to roam. In between class, plug in your phone and create your own code to re-open the locker.
  • Pfau Library — Power up while you study! On the first floor of the Pfau Library, there is a charging station with plugs to fit your Android or iPhone.

Coyote Cash | A new and improved payment option

The ITS Division at California State University, San Bernardino introduces Coyote Cash.

Coyote Cash, previously known as Flex cash, is being reintroduced to students as a new and improved payment option. Students can simply use their Coyote One Card as a form of payment for various on-campus services including campus dining services and PrinterOn wireless printing services. More options are coming soon.

To load your Coyote One Card with Coyote Cash, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the MyCoyote portal and Click on “Student tab”
  2. Once directed to student site, click on “Make a payment”
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Flex cash” and then add the desired amount onto your card

Key Benefits of Coyote Cash

  • Use Coyote Cash to help you budget your spending each month or quarter
  • Load your Coyote One Card with Coyote Cash online anytime
  • Coyote Cash is applied instantly to your Coyote One Card, whereas before you would have to wait at least 24 hours
  • There is no cost associated or a transaction fee to use with Coyote Cash. Everything is free for students
  • Parents also have the opportunity to load money onto your card, using the “Parent Pin”

If you have questions or need help please contact the Technology Support Center.


Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Location: PL-1108 (Pfau Library Wedge)

Available 24×7
Phone: (909) 537-7677

Identity Finder

Identity Finder – Scanner for PII – Personal Identifiable Information

Links to CSUEU and CFA Points of agreement

Cybercrime, specifically, data breaches, are on the rise exposing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which can be used to facilitate identity theft. PII is classified by the CSU and CSUSB as Level 1 data that is linked to an individual person’s identity, such as Social Security Numbers, driver license data, and credit card or bank account information. Many of us may unknowingly be placing the university at risk by having sensitive data on our workstations; locating sensitive data, hidden in documents long forgotten, is not easy.

The California State University, in agreement with affected bargaining units, recognized the importance of protecting PII under our care and, as part of the system wide efforts to minimize the risk for the inadvertent disclosure of PII, the CSU is providing Identity Finder Data Loss Prevention software to help locate sensitive data that may be buried in campus computers.

As part of the CSU implementation, each campus will provide a period of 30-days to all employees to install Identity Finder and to scan their workstations and files to identify, secure or dispose as necessary of any personal identifiable information stored in their computers.

Identity Finder is simple to download and install. Instructions, additional awareness documentation and the CSU agreements can be found in the PersonalInformationFinder topic of the campus Wiki site at .

For the next 30 days, the campus community is encouraged to download and install Identity Finder and search and clean-up unsecured PII in their workstations. After the initial 30 days, periodic scan using Identity Finder will be conducted by the Information Security and Emerging Technologies Department on campus workstations per the CSU agreements.

If you should need assistance for installing the software on your computer, please contact your designated IT staff or the Technology Support Center (TSC) at x77677.

If you encounter any issues with Identity Finder, need assistance to secure or dispose of sensitive information or have questions regarding campus information security policies and standards, please contact the Information Security and Emerging Technologies Department at x77262.

Screenshot of Indentity Finder search progress


Wireless Printing Available for Students and Faculty

Convenient on-campus wireless printing is now available for students, faculty, and staff at CSUSB. Instead of logging onto the nearest computer, documents are now ready to print as soon as you walk in the building.

Using the PrinterOn mobile app on their smartphone, users can print documents from any of CSUSB’s 19 printing stations as soon as they step on campus, including in Pfau Library, Jack Brown, and University Hall. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Additionally, students and faculty also have the option to use the PrinterOn website from any device or computer here.

Before starting a print request, make sure the device is connected to the campus WiFi and files are saved to an iCloud, Google OneDrive, or Dropbox account.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the PrinterOn mobile app for your device — iOS | Android
  2. Select the ‘No printer selected’ button to choose a printer
  3. Click the ‘Search’ tab and enter ‘CSUSB’ to see the full list of printing stations on campus
  4. After selecting a printer, you can choose to print a page directly from the Web or a saved file
  5. Next, click the green ‘Print’ button and enter an email address for verification
  6. To finish the print request, go to ‘Print history’ and tap the print job once it says, ‘Success’
  7. Now, select the “GoPrint Mobile” icon at the printing station and enter the reference number included in the print details to access your documents
  8. The same reference code can be used for multiple print jobs using the same email address


ESET banner1

FREE ESET Antivirus Software Installation

Is your laptop or desktop computer moving slow? It may have a virus that puts you at risk for cybercrime. Even if you’re a proud Mac owner, viruses can still make their way into your device causing programs to load slowly or stop functioning altogether.

CSUSB students, faculty, and staff are now eligible to receive a free licensing code and installation of ESET Antivirus Protection on up to three devices, including home computers. Each device will be protected from viruses, spyware, and malware for one year. ESET Antivirus is great because it eliminates virtually all threats on your PC/Mac to keep documents and private information safe.

What is spyware/malware?

Malware is software that is intended to damage or disable computer systems and it will dramatically reduce your PC’s productivity and speed.

Without antivirus protection, you may be at risk for cybercrime such as identity theft or fraud. Spyware can covertly monitor your every keystroke and send vital personal information to third parties. If you make a purchase online, for example, your credit card information can be stolen and used to make fraudulent charges.


Why do I need ESET Antivirus Software?

Laptops become susceptible to viruses from file sharing, downloading full movies, and simply from browsing on the web. While it is generally true that PC’s have a higher chance of falling victim to viruses, there are dangerous Mac-oriented malware hazards as well. As a result of being hacked by malware, all saved work on your device may be erased and personal information may be stolen.

How do I install my ESET software?

Installing ESET Antivirus is easy! Visit and enter your CSUSB email address. You will receive a validation email and a unique activation key.