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ITS Project Updates: August 2015

Collaborative workstation: The Information Technology Services Division has opened a new technology-friendly collaborative workstation in the PFAU library wedge.  Located directly across from the Technology Support Center, this workstation is available for campus use. The workstation is ideal for collaborating on group projects, meetings, planning events, and more. Please take a moment to stop by and check out this newly implemented space.

Coming Soon: Incubator classroom: The Academic Technologies and Innovation department is currently working on creating an incubator classroom at CSUSB. This classroom of the future is already fully furnished and in the process of implementing the latest and most efficient classroom technologies. This classroom will help faculty learn and adapt to the coming advancements in technology and the effects it may have on teaching. For more information on the incubator classroom, please contact Michael Chen at or x77075.

IT Governance Digest: August 2015

Information Security Audit Recommendations Implementation: The Executive Committee discussed ways the deans and ITS could work collaboratively to mitigate the audit findings regarding desktop user management and software updates. VP Sudhakar will bring back process recommendations to the next meeting.

Blackboard Planned Downtime: ITS brought forth a request for Blackboard maintenance on Friday, July 17th. The expected downtime for the server update is from 2 a.m.-5 a.m. The maintenance was approved unanimously as it would take place at a time of very low traffic.

Director of Distributed Technology Services Search Process: Initial search committee meeting will occur in the next few weeks. Rationale behind this new position is to have them work directly with the appointed lead technicians from each college. The director will serve as the liaison between the colleges and ITS for centralized IT initiatives and projects.

ATI Coordinator Search Process: Initial search committee meeting will occur in the next few weeks. This new position will coordinate the efforts of the ATI Initiative: web accessibility, procurement and instructional materials.

Announcements: AVP Gerard Au announced that there are now almost 40 Powermat stations installed on campus. The charging rings are also already available for check out.

Employee Spotlight: August 2015

Dee Bowen Employee Spotlight Picture

Denise “Dee” Bowen is an Information Technology Consultant in the Information Technology Support Center. The Information Technology Support Center provides the University with an effective primary point of contact for timely and consistent responses to computing and information technology, along with its related inquiries and problems.

Dee is currently attending Capella University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, specialized in Health Information Technology. Dee has been working at CSUSB for 13 years now and holds a Microsoft Certified Professional certification.

Recently, the IT division reorganized and merged the Data Center Helpdesk and OneCard into the Technology Support Center. Dee explained that the merge moved very fast and swift and that she is very thankful to be a part of such an awesome team. She is excited to see what the future of ITS will provide as they continue to explore new technology and share it with the campus community. Dee is so proud to be a part of the ITS Division where she is able to assist staff, faculty, and students with the access or troubleshooting of the following: MyCoyote Account Access, troubleshooting technology problems, wireless internet access, network login, Blackboard, Email, OneCard, and campus software.

Personally, Dee holds Fairbanks, Alaska close to her heart where she lived for several years. She does not have a favorite food but is open to trying different types. Moreover, Dee is a fan of movies starring Denzel Washington and enjoys watching Family Feud.

Dee comes in to work every day looking forward to working with the campus and resolving problems immediately. To Dee, CSUSB gives her the opportunity to work with others on campus and serve the campus community with the highest level of customer service. It means a lot to her to be able to come in daily and make sure that her students and coworkers are all doing okay. Dee is one to go out of her way for the sake of others and we are grateful to have such a kind-hearted and dedicated employee on our campus.