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IT Governance Digest: July 2015

ITS Efficiency Proposal: VP Sudhakar has proposed a new position within ITS, a Director of Distributed Technology Services (DDTS) that would serve as the liaison between the college technicians and ITS. The ITCs will work with the DDTS on campus-wide, standardized and centralized projects. VP Sudhakar has had discussions with the various deans to explain that this position will focus on the needs of the different colleges.

E-Mail Policy and Electronic Communications Policy Revisions: These two policy revisions draft were presented to the committee and are pending further discussion. There are also a few minor proposed procedural changes to the policies They will be taken to Administrative Council in the fall.

Commodity Bulk Purchase Timelines: The committee was updated on the Dell commodity purchasing proposal presented last month. VP Sudhakar announced that ITS is working with Dell to build a storefront where departments/colleges will be able to place their orders.

Employee Spotlight: July 2015



David Vasilia is a Network Analyst within the Telecommunications & Network Services (TNS) Department of ITS. TNS plans, supports, manages, maintains, and repairs the campus telephone system, the campus data network, and supporting servers.

David earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Financial Computer Systems here at CSUSB and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Education-Instructional Technology. Working at CSUSB for 8 years now, David feels privileged to be given the opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills learned to manage, engineer, and research the best ways to implement the latest technology.

Professionally, David is excited to help the campus continue to expand its potential for technology innovation, reaching beyond the expected reliable infrastructure, and onto the concept of adaptive integration with support for the highly technical future of education. David’s main focus has always been reaching out to the campus community to discover ways to improve technology services. He is dedicated to providing well-organized practice of continued excellence and improvement to better meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Personally, David hopes to travel to Shanghai, China where many of his friends live. He is highly fascinated with the city’s culture and amazing growth and continues to hear about how great the city is. In addition, David enjoys Indian, Greek, Thai, and Chinese food and his favorite TV show is Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

To David, CSUSB is an opportunity. “I am grateful every day for the opportunities provided to me by this community of students, educators, and educator supporters,” says David. “CSUSB to me also represents home, I am as much of a part of it as it is of me.”