Monthly Archives: June 2015


ESET Antivirus

The IT Governance Executive Committee approved the recommendation of the Technology Advisory Group (TAG) to standardize on E-SET Anti-Malware solution for CSUSB. E-SET is an industry leading antivirus software solution dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers. The software detects and disables all known and emerging forms of malware. The ITS Team in collaboration with the College Techs will soon be installing the E-SET antivirus software on every CSUSB machine.


IT Governance Digest: June 2015

Campus Wide PC Refresh

ITS proposed to IT Governance a plan to formalize a process where commodity PC purchases will be placed four times a year coinciding with the Dell end of quarter dates in order to take advantage of deep discounts. Exceptions will be accommodated. Dell is building an infrastructure for CSUSB that will be showcased at the next IT Governance Executive Committee meeting in July

 Cloud Services
Discussion regarding moving servers housed in the Data Center to the cloud. The ITS team along with the TAG is experimenting with several Cloud providers and will present a recommendation to ITGEC and help Colleges and Departments refresh their server farms and move to the preferred cloud partners.

Employee Spotlight: June 2015


Vanessa Wang-Rekem | CSUSB Information Technology Services

Vanessa Wang-Rekem is an Analyst/Programmer within the Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence (ACBI) Department of ITS. ACBI develops, provides support for, and manages various campus enterprise software applications on a variety of hardware platforms. Support is provided for all CSUSB Administrative Systems.

Vanessa graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.S. in System Science and has been working at CSUSB for 18 years.  Vanessa enjoys the positive, fun work environment at CSUSB and is passionate about helping students reach their goals. She believes the ITS Division is essential to keeping things running smoothly so that the students and faculty don’t have to stress about anything other than education and teaching.

Professionally, Vanessa is excited for new developments in ITS that will help CSUSB continue to be a cutting-edge institution for higher education. She is currently working on two exciting projects for ITS. The first is U.Achieve implementation. PAWS (Program Advising Worksheet for Students) is being upgraded from Darwin to U.Achieve. U.Achieve supports student and advisor collaboration in the process of planning an academic career, ensuring that students have accurate, complete, and personalized information for achieving their educational goals.

The second project is GradesFirst data extraction. Advisors are not only faced with the challenge of helping students in need, but making sure all students who require assistance have an opportunity to receive it.  GradesFirst provides a tool to allow the advisors to interact more closely with students and will lead to greater student success.

Personally, Vanessa hopes to travel to Northern Europe, especially Denmark, Norway and Sweden. She loves the beautiful scenery and nature, as well as the architecture in their cities. She loves to eat Italian food, especially her husband’s homemade Italian spaghetti sauce. Her favorite movies are Amadeus and Schindler’s List.