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Evening and Night Blackboard Helpdesk Services

CSUSB Technology Support Center


CSUSB has been providing a 24×7 help desk since 2007. With increasing demands for online, hybrid, and distance learning from students, faculty, and staff, CSUSB has been seeking ways to provide improved round-the-clock technical support to empower users and improve student success.

ITS Technology Support Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with Blackboard Helpdesk Services. Beginning Wednesday, April 8, 2015, we will be providing expanded evening and overnight support for the Blackboard Learning Management System as well as over 100 different applications and technologies associated to the online learning experience.

CSUSB Technology Support Center
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat & Sun 7am-7pm
Location: Pfau Library PL-1108 (Wedge)

Available 24×7
Phone: (909) 537-7677

How do I contact ITS Technology Support Services?

The CSUSB Technology Support Center (PL-1108) will continue to remain open and fully staffed from 7am-10pm Monday through Friday, and 7am-7pm Saturday and Sunday. Phone and online support will be available 24×7 via (909) 537-7677 and the Technology Support Center website.

We have created an after-hours online support portal that serves as a gateway to the support service offering through our existing Technology Support Center website. Simply click on the “Night Support” button and you will be redirected to our Blackboard partnership web portal, where you can search Knowledge Base for answers to commonly asked questions, or connect with a support representative through chat, phone, or by creating your own ticket.

What hours does the Technology Support Services cover?

The service is available 24×7, 365 days a year.  That’s correct; you can contact us at any time, day or night.  We understand that needing help doesn’t have a schedule and we are ready to assist you when the need arises.

What type of issues does the Technology Support Services team support?

Most technology issues, such as Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS), Microsoft Office, Office 365, password resets, etc.  Additionally, our professionally-trained Blackboard support staff are experts in all recent Blackboard versions and service packs.  The staff goes through ongoing education that keeps them ahead of the game regarding updates to the software and other common support issues.

Need help configuring your grade center? Not a problem, we can help. Having an issue with your discussion board?  Rest assured we can help you fix it.  Each interaction comes with a follow up case email that has a detailed description of your case, and what steps were taken to resolve your issue.  In many scenarios, your case solution email will include step by step walk-through instructions that you can refer to later if needed.  You don’t always have to wait until something is “wrong.”  If you have questions about Blackboard and its functions or features, give us a call and we’ll gladly field any questions you have, and offer advice on best practices.

How long does it take for the Technology Support Services team to resolve issues? 

When using the real time chat feature or calling the Support Center directly, most common issues can be resolved within five to ten minutes.  Of course there are more complex issues that may take longer but ultimately the goal is to help you move forward and if we need to take extra time to do so, then that’s what we will do.  Ticket submissions are typically resolved in about 24 hours, but this can vary depending on the time of year and the system affected.  During non-peak times it is not unusual to see ticket resolutions return in just a few short hours.

Supported applications and technologies

All Internet Browsers Plugins
•    Adobe Flash Player
•    Adobe Reader
•    Adobe Shockwave Player
•    Apple Quick Time
•    Java
•    RealPlayer
•    Microsoft Office Viewers (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
•    Windows Media Player

Office Software
•    Microsoft Office 2003 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
•    Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
•    Microsoft Office 2010 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)

Operating Systems
•    Mac OS X+
•    Windows 8
•    Windows 7
•    Windows Vista
•    Windows XP

SIS/Directory Systems
•    Banner
•    Datatel
•    PeopleSoft

Authentication Systems
•    Active Directory
•    Kerberos
•    LDAP
•    Shibboleth

Collaboration/Web Meeting
•    Tegrity 2.0
•    Tegrity 7.0
•    Blackboard Collaborate

•    Microsoft Dynamics
•    ServiceNow
•    Remedy
•    Zendesk
•    Hobsons
•    Saleforce

•    Hotmail
•    Net Mail
•    Outlook Web Access 2003
•    Outlook 2003
•    Outlook 2010
•    Windows Live

Google Apps
•    Calendar
•    Docs
•    Mail
•    Sites
•    Talk

Plagiarism Prevention
•    SafeAssign (see Blackboard Building Blocks)
•    Turnitin

•    Pharos

•    Jenzabar
•    Starfish

Remote Access
•    VPN Connections

Student Portal
•    IQ Web
•    Jenzabar
•    WebAdvisor 3.0
•    Banner
•    WebCampus

Test Creation/Deployment
•    Respondus – Exam Creator
•    Respondus – Test Bank Network

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