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Employee Spotlight: April 2015

Information Technology Services, IT Consultant

Aaron Oxendine: Information Technology Consultant

Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006 and is currently working on his M.B.A. in cyber security here on Cal State San Bernardino’s main campus. As an employee of the ITS Division for almost three years, Aaron has embodied the spirit of information technology professionalism.

As an IT Consultant Aaron is integral in day-to-day campus technology support and providing best of class technology resources for our diverse campus population. In addition to helping students, faculty, and staff find solutions to their technology problems or issues, he has been a proud example of the level of positive customer service that makes the ITS Division an active and responsive problem solver for the campus community.

Looking forward as both a graduate student and employee of Cal State San Bernardino, Aaron is most excited at the prospect of new technologies coming to the campus and all the learning that will come along with his division’s support of these technologies. ”Constantly learning new things and addressing new challenges excites me,” says Aaron. “I’m not sure how the campus could function without a strong Information Technology Services team, either in our centralized division, or the college-specific techs. CSUSB is, and has been, an opportunity both for myself and for many, many others. I am proud to serve this campus.”

IT Governance at Cal State San Bernardino

The IT governance structure establishes the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making process required to ensure IT enables the University to excel in its mission. IT governance provides strategic leadership, establishes campus-wide IT priorities and policies, and is accountable and transparent to the University community. The following diagram illustrates the structure for IT governance at CSUSB. The IT Governance Executive Committee will set agendas that cover the 4 topics of interest and form task forces as needed to address particular areas as follows:

  1. Academic Technologies & Innovation
  2. Technology Operations & Customer Support
  3. Common Management Systems Executive Council
  4. Information Security, Compliance & Emerging Technologies

For more information regarding IT Governance at Cal State San Bernardino, please visit: