oktoberTECH for staceyThe annual “OktoberTech” event took place October 17th – 20th. The event showcased the technology services available to the campus community.

During the Tech Fair and Download Party on Tuesday, students were able to walk around and speak to representatives from Dell, Apple, and Amazon. There were several different tech booths, including a software booth that helped assist attendees in downloading free software that they weren’t aware of.

On Wednesday, workshops were offered for Professional Development. CSUSB’s Staff members received training on software programs such as; LinkedIn, Qualtrics, and Zoom.

Thursday, representatives of the division visited the Palm Desert Campus and hosted a Download Party and Open House.

Friday, the last day of OktoberTech,  various Innovations in Teaching and Learning were presented to the CSUSB community in AcTI’s Idea Lab in the Pfau Library. Some of the tools showcased during the event were Lightboard, One-Touch Recording, 360 video, and 3D printers. 

OktoberTech was a great success, helping students, faculty, and staff to learn about campus technology and improve their experience at CSUSB.

IT Governance – October 2017

IT GovernancePresentation – Dr. Mike Berman, Chief Innovation Officer, CSU Office of the Chancellor.

The IT Governance Executive Committee was introduced to the new Chief Innovation Officer at the Chancellor’s Office, Dr. Michael Berman. The areas of focus for the Innovation Office at the CO are:

  1. Student Systems – Currently there is a nationwide trend on how to make systems more agile through PeopleSoft. Mike hopes to launch a product in about 6 months to start trying a new interface.
  2. Cloud Computing – Costs are going down, there are financial changes, staffing changes and demand changes. We now have better systems and spend less money.
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality – A summit will take place next week which will have CSUSB’s Mihaela Popescu presenting. It will showcase what campuses in the CSU are doing with this technology.
  4. Collaboration at a Distance – Zoom and other tools are used for collaboration at a distance.

College Scheduler Presentation – Amy Braceros

A brief demonstration of the step-by-step process was shown for the College Scheduler program.

Policy Review

The following policies were brought to the committee for validation and to review proposed changes.

  • Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Communications – The Committee validated the policy with some housekeeping changes.
  • Printing Policy – The Committee validated the policy with some housekeeping changes.
  • Mobile Device Policy – The policy was presented with proposed minor changes. The Executive Committee voted to move forward with taking the policy to the Administrative Council.
  • Campus Email Structure and Communication Policy – The proposed changes were discussed and a few minor changes will be made before moving to Administrative Council in November

All four policies will be taken to the Administrative Council Meeting on November 1st.

Employee Spotlight: Chad Cordero

Chad CorderoChad Cordero is an IT Consultant in the department of Enterprise and Cloud Services (ESC). ECS is responsible for system administration and the maintenance of hardware, software, and cloud environment supporting the campus enterprise systems.

Alongside of the Office 365 team, Chad helps manage the employee email system on Office 365 as well as the student email system on Google and several other systems.

Chad works closely with the Pfau Library in order to help manage their servers. Chad has always enjoyed working with all aspects of computers, whether it is configuring systems or programming something new.

ITS is important to our campus in many ways. “We live in an age where technology touches almost every aspect of our lives and the campus community relies on that technology to be up and working 24/7,” said Chad.

During his time off, he enjoys spending time with his family as well as traveling around the globe. Chad loves a good Cuban or Puerto Rican dish. You might also catch Chad putting on his fins for a scuba dive. He enjoys sitting back and watching sci-fi and superhero movies.

Chad graduated from CSUSB with a degree in Computer Systems, Systems Administration option. As an undergrad, he worked for ITS as a student assistant. Back in 1999 he was hired as a staff member and has been working with ITS since then. The campus was always a friendly place for him with the support of faculty and staff. Now as a staff member he enjoys working with those who helped him during his time as student.

Grand Opening

17-09-27-CSUSB-- (L to R) Brian Haynes, Vice President, Student Affairs, California State University, San Bernardino, Gerard Au, AVP, Operations & Customer Support, ITS - Technology Support Center (TSC), CSUSB, XXXX, XXXX, Connor Dickson, Vice President of Finance, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), CSUSB, Prince Ogidikpe, Vice President, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), CSUSB, Samuel Sudhakar, Vice President, Information Technology Services, California State University, San Bernardino, Tomás D. Morales, President, California State University, San Bernardino, and Jim Olinger, Director of Enterprise Applications & Tech Support, ITS - Technology Support Center (TSC), CSUSB -- The 24/7 Study Space "The Cave" Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in the Wedge of the John M. Pfau Library (PL) at California State University, San Bernardino on Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017. Photo by Corinne McCurdy/CSUSB

On September 27, 2017, the grand opening of the new 24/7 Study Area took place. The “Cave” is a result of the efforts of the ITS Division and the ASI Leadership Team. This new space will provide students with a comfortable and safe place to study – no matter what the hour.

The CAVE | The only 24/7 study space on campus!

Location:  First floor of the Wedge (Pfau Library Addition)
Hours:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Resources available:

  • Over 50 seats and collaboration station
  • 70 Windows workstations
  • 12 Macintosh stations
  • Wireless charging spots and charging lockers
  • Printing
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee & Tea machine, snack machines & water hydration station
  • In-person technical support from 6:00am – midnight, Mon – Fri and 7:00am – 7:00pm, Sat – Sun

Note:  Coyote OneCard is needed to access The CAVE between midnight – 6am (Mon-Fri) and 7am – 7pm (Sat-Sun).


IT Governance – May 2017

CIA Request Recommendation Presentation

In order to address challenges with the current CIA process, ITS presented a recommendation to move to a delegated submission process where a select group creates CIA Requests and become the point of contact for those requests.  The new proposed delegated CIA request process was demonstrated, including statistics, benefits and the next steps and the Executive Committee provided feedback. This process will also be presented at a future Administrative Council meeting.

u-Direct Demonstration

Representatives from the office of Registrar demonstrated the u-Direct tool (Coyote Plan Builder) to the Executive Committee, highlighting the different key aspects and functions. The tool is currently being piloted in the College of Business and Public Administration.

Concur Q&A with Cindy Levin

Cindy Levin attended the meeting to address concerns shared at the previous meeting about the Concur system. The discussion covered expiration times for requests and notifications. Different scenarios were discussed and the Executive Committee recommended increasing the expiration time to fourteen days.

Campus-wide Phishing Exercise and Training- Phase II Recommendation

ITS shared the phishing exercise and training report from the 100 individual pilot group. Results included 45 individuals opening the email and 13 individuals opening the attachment. The report included a screenshot of what the lesson for the program looked like. Based on the results and the discussion, the Executive Committee approved the recommendation to move forward with an exercise campus-wide. It will take place before the end of the quarter.

MyCoyote Portal

Hands typing on a keyboard with text reading MyCoyoteSeamless navigation and a visually relevant user interface remain the primary goals for Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence.  ACBI is constantly maintaining and improving the MyCoyote portal needed to browse through essential applications and programs as CSUSB students, faculty, and staff.

What’s new in MyCoyote?

The most recent additions to the MyCoyote Portal are Zoom and Qualtrics. Some of us may have already had experience with these programs, yet in regards to user interface accessibility they remain the most recent. Placing these icons in front of users where they have easy access has lead to greater utilization outside of the classroom.  The increased use of these applications has given students the tools needed to expand upon their academics, along with faculty to experiment with new ways to teach their courses.

What’s on the horizon?

A discussion is taking place regarding the visual aspects of the current portal and ways to improve upon its navigational tabs. The concept of having a dashboard layout remains in consideration, allowing a change to the links and information that is currently portrayed. Such an idea can be suited for both students and faculty, providing an instant snapshot of data in the means of, enrollment, finances, holds, registration dates, current appointments, wait-list, and more.

Important Notes

With the inevitable changes that are underway with tuition, scheduling, semester conversion, and more, ACBI reminds us all to make sure we update our personal contact information through the MyCoyote Portal.

IT-Governance: March 2017

IT LeadershipBlackboard inactive course duration on production server recommendation

As the result of Blackboard becoming more and more impacted by large amounts of data being stored, the need to keep the system agile and efficient was under discussion. After meeting with the ATDL committee, ITS has decided to recommend that only courses from the previous two complete academic years would be retained from the Blackboard production environment. Details of the recommendation were discussed within the Executive Committee in regards to the length of time the archives would be maintained as well as the process to be established to help faculty request archives. In conclusion, the recommendation was approved by unanimous decision, following a clear protocol for faculty to request archives.

Campus wide Phishing exercise and training update

In continuation from last month’s discussion, the CSUSB phishing exercise recommendation was once again brought up for discussion. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviewed the program and found it didn’t need approval as it was Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR). In response to the delivery of the program to users, the Executive Committee approved of the exercise. However, this approval was met in compliance of informing the various leadership committees throughout CSUSB about the program. The Phishing exercise is due to move forward with a pilot program of 100 faculty and staff across campus to share their results with the Executive Committee, eventually leading to proceed with the entire campus.

Employee Spotlight: Candace Johnson

17-03-20-CSUSB-- Candace Johnson, Asst Budget Analyst, ITS - Office of the Vice President, California State University, San Bernardino on Monday, Mar 20, 2017. Photo by Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSB

Candace Johnson is an Assistant Budget Analyst in the ITS Budget Office within the office of the Vice President. The ITS Budget Office centrally manages the financial services, human resources services and procurement services at a divisional level.

As an Assistant Budget Analyst, Candace assists with the management of the ITS operating budget. She evaluates the impact of changes in the budget levels and expenses to take necessary actions to assure the division is within budget. This process involves tracking and reconciling all ITS division accounts. Candace tracks all financial transactions in the division, creates expense reports, enters purchase requisitions in PeopleSoft and prepares various financial forms.

The ITS division is important to the campus since they provide technology services and support to the whole campus.  However, the ITS Budget Office is significant to the division because they make all the necessary technology purchases needed to enable their division to provide world class customer service and support.

Candace is most proud of working on the Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative (VETI) Grants. These grants are used to purchase new and cutting edge technology related items that students could use to enhance their learning experience. She is responsible for placing orders and tracking the expenses. Candace has purchased an X-Ray machine, 3D Printers, Neurological Kits and Software.

The most rewarding part about working on this project is she gets to attend the “Open Houses and/or Grand Openings” related to the grants to see how the items to see how they are being used. Some examples of the VETI Grant related projects are the Teaching Resource Center, the Library’s Innovation Lab and the Veteran’s Success Center. Another aspect that is rewarding to Candace is the ability to work closely with different faculty and staff from the various departments and colleges across campus.

On a personal note, Candace’s favorite television show is Grey’s Anatomy which she has been watching for the past 13 years. As for her favorite food, she would have to say shrimp, crab legs, sushi and, of course, dessert.

Candace hopes her next trip will be to the Bahamas or Jamaica. During her downtime she can be seen spending time with her family. They are always out at basketball events, school events or family events. However, if no events are scheduled, she is at home with her family watching movies in their pajamas.  

She attended CSUSB for five years where she received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 2002 and Masters in Criminal Justice in 2007. Candace has worked for CSUSB for 15 years.

For Candace, CSUSB means “a place of growth for me. I learned and excelled here. I received both my degrees from this campus. I have reached several milestones in my professional career here. I started as a student assistant and then moved on to become an Administrative Assistant, and Administrative Coordinator, and currently a Budget Analyst. The personal relationships that I have developed here has helped me grow on a personal level. So, I would say that CSUSB is a great place to plant a seed!”

Installing Office 365 For a Mac

For Faculty & Staff

To install Office 365, log into the CSUSB OWA wesbite using your CoyoteID@csusb.edu.

For Students

To install Office 365, log into the Office 365 Portal. Type in your CoyoteID number using your CoyoteID@csusb.edu login.

You will now be at the Office 365 Page. Please click on the Gear icon and select “Settings”

Mac 365 - 1

From the Settings area, select “Office 365”

Mac 365 - 2

Select “Software”

Mac 365 - 3

Press “Install”

Mac 365 - 4


ATI Classroom Technologies

By offering tATI CLechnical support and new advancements, ATI Classroom Technologies stands to enhance the quality CSUSB student’s experience within the classroom. More commonly seen with the upkeep and maintenance of the classroom’s projection systems, ATI-CT expands their knowledge by being able to work with various operating systems and equipment that’s both new and old. Currently, over 200 classrooms are serviced within CSUSB utilizing a vast set of technology from VCR’s to Overhead Projectors and ultimately to High Definition projection.

Video Switches

As seen in many of the colleges in CSUSB, the move to HD projection is growing more standardized with the inclusion of new video switches. No longer is tedious hardwiring needed to switch between projected devices and all can now be done within one control panel. The control panels themselves have been built to ensure easy operation for any faculty member that might be unfamiliar to this new technology. These new switches also have the benefit of being run with new cabling. CAT5/CAT6 cables now run through the new video switches, essentially improving the devices range and image quality.


Currently, the goal for ATI-CL is to upgrade older classrooms in the move from analog to digital technology. Along with the campus-wide upgrade, the idea of creating a universal workplace would be beneficial to not only future faculty but students as well. What this involves is creating a standardization of classroom devices which would work with student’s portable technology in a seamless fashion. Currently, Microsoft office and Apple remain the norms for academic software yet conflicts arise when attempting to incorporating these together. Eventually, ATI-CL hopes to be able to elaborate on alternative methods to make student and campus technology universal and seamless to operate. Whether this is seen with new academic software or projection devices or monitors, the fact remains the notion to make campus technology the same for all will only benefit all.

Along with the new video switches, ATI Classroom Technologies has improved upon classes with:

  • Brighter Projectors, higher lumens and less glare.
  • New document cameras.
  • Portable scanners and projectors.
  • Classroom customization – Apple TV.

ATI Classroom Technologies Technical Support is always there for you!

Monday – Thursday  8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Located in PL046